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15 years + focus on rattan arc floor lamp manufacturer and supplier. Talking with each client to create a personalized and unique floor lamp. Free custom design. EX Factory Prices.

  • Product Name: Rattan floor lamp sale
  • Model Number: NRL0226
  • Product Size: 30cm*170cm
  • Product Color: AS photo
  • OEM/ODM: Acceptable
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    Rattan arc floor lamp is made of natural fiber, such as bamboo, rattan, white lampshade, arc, etc. It is a semi-flush then its shade is installed the lamp is white on the floor. It matches well with old furniture and natural interior decoration. The design of these rattan floor lamps is inspired by nature and a simple outline.

    Its design focuses on the natural beauty of rattan materials; Natural rattan is carefully woven to form a lampshade frame with a versatile appearance, it exudes a coastal atmosphere. The products are all handmade. Our wide variety of natural lighting lamps will enhance your home decoration. Ideal for a variety of indoor settings, including corners, entrances, bedside, etc.

    XINSANXING is a professional rattan lamp manufacturer, sales or custom lighting fixture manufacturer.

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    Product Information

    Product name: rattan arc floor lamp
    Model Number: NRL0226
    Material: rattan+metal
    Size: 30cm*170cm
    Color: As photo
    Finishing: Handmade
    Light source: Incandescent Bulbs
    Voltage: 110~240V
    Power of power supply: Electric
    Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
    Wire: Black wire
    Application: Living Room, Home.hotel.Restaurant
    MOQ: 5pcs
    Supply Ability: 5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
    Payment terms: 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment


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  • With its unique style, novel shape and strong sense of the times, rattan lighting creates a distinctive visual effect for room decoration.

    Floor lamps with a natural touch

    With the advocacy of low-carbon life, green living space slogan in the world, rattan products have become the object of modern people’s pursuit, back to nature is the desire of urban people, and rattan floor lamp is an indispensable home embellishment, elegant and simple, full of rustic atmosphere, suitable for restaurants, study and various leisure places, etc..

    Rattan lamps that are gaining popularity among consumers

    Rattan floor lamp is very good, with elegant color, light and cool, light and convenient characteristics. Whether placed indoors or in the garden, it can give people a rich rustic atmosphere and light and elegant interest. Rattan is extremely soft when it is full of water, and especially tough after drying. With the gradual increase in people’s environmental awareness and the growing popularity of returning to nature, various rattan and green craft products have begun to enter thousands of households, becoming a new round of home decoration fashion. Rattan furniture with its rustic, refreshing features gradually won the favor of consumers.

    Why we like Rattan Arc Floor Lamp

    A woven rattan shade hangs elegantly from the curved arm of our exclusive Bali floor lamp. This complete floor lamp is supported by a sleek white metal base for easy placement in a corner or behind a sofa, and its finely textured white rattan shade provides a warm diffused light for a living room, reading area or studio space.

    How to maintain the floor lamp

    If the base is metal, clean it with a mild detergent and a soft cloth, and dry it afterwards. To avoid scratching the base of the lamp, do not use abrasive cleaners. For brass or chrome elements, use a polish. Rattan lampshades should only be cleaned with a dry cloth. Do not use any detergents.

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