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XINSANXING not only provides high-quality products, but also helps enterprises to develop their own brands. We have numerous customer relationships from all over the world. Not only do they get our services, but they also recommend our services. We know how to customize products that represent a company well.

We have well-designed order placement and customization mechanisms to ensure the delivery of quality products. Check out the following for a better understanding of our customization mechanism. You'll learn why you'll get custom lights that fully meet and exceed your requirements.

Confirmation of details

First, you need to provide us with your order details. You can choose custom printing, size and packaging. The main details you need to share with us include your logo, size, material, artwork, delivery time.

Price quote

After confirming the details of your inquiry, we will give you a quotation. You will get huge price advantage from us because we have experienced workers and efficient weaving process. Since our inception, we have been encouraging the refinement and improvement of traditional weaving techniques in workers.

We provide you with low cost, high quality products. We are able to do this because we have established strong relationships with many suppliers across China who can help us obtain the right materials at reasonable prices.

Sample making

When it comes to custom lamps, sample making is essential for customers to know what they will get as the final product. Once you've got the perfect sample, you can be sure you're getting the same perfect batch.

If the customer requests to make samples, we will charge the sample fee. But if the customer doesn't need the sample, the order is confirmed with us, we will directly mass produce the customized lamp according to the customer's request.

Our proofing process is a detailed process from creating a prototype sketch and then preparing the original material. The samples are then sent for quality inspection and, once passed, are accepted by the client.

Mass production

Once the sample is confirmed, we will ask you to pay 30% deposit of the total mass production cost. Your order details will be sent to the production department for production.

When mass production is completed, our quality inspection team will check the quality to ensure the quality of the lamp. We never compromise on quality and delivery time.

Once mass production is completed, we will invite customers to the factory to inspect the final product. Customers can also see pictures of the product or hire an agency to inspect it.

If satisfied with the product, send the lamp to the packaging. We package our lights in an environmentally friendly and safe way.

Balance of payments

Customers will be required to pay in full in order to receive their products. So you will be asked to pay the remaining 70% for fast delivery.


The next process is shipping. You can choose any shipping company. If you don't have this idea, we can also advise you on choosing the best shipping method and shipping company within your budget.

Get an inquiry for the freight - You can ask the shipping company for shipping costs, depending on the weight, size, and volume of the package. After the mass production is completed, we will arrange the shipment according to your required delivery time.

B/L- After the process is completed, if you choose to ship by sea, the shipping company will issue a B/L to us after leaving the port. We will send you a copy of the bill of lading along with the packing slip and commercial invoice for pickup.

Pick up

Once the product arrives in your area, you can present the bill of lading and pick up your light. Don't forget to match the packing list.

Xinsanxing is a professional manufacturer that develops and produces woven lighting, with more than 10 years of professional experience in cooperating with customers to produce and wholesale products. We provide our customers with a wide variety of lamp styles in the lighting industry. Provide customers with a full range of customized and personalized services to meet their specific needs.

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Post time: Jul-13-2022