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How to wholesale the best natural material lights for your business starts with understanding the needs of your business market, so you can choose the natural material lights that are best for your business. Here are the key issues you need to understand and their solutions before you make a commitment.

1. Which wholesale natural material lamps are best for my business?

Before considering the different options for wholesale natural material lamps, woven lamps or rattan lamps, you need to consider the size, appearance, and environment in which the product will be used.

A. Consider the size and weight of the product. A moderately sized natural material woven lamp is suitable for home lighting, while a larger wholesale natural material lamp is suitable for shopping malls, hotels and other entertainment venues. If it is too big or too small, this is all we have to consider in conjunction with our business needs. And there are several sizes will ensure that all kinds of places are available.

B. Appearance and decorative also help to choose the type of natural material lights available. Indoor home lighting using natural material rattan or bamboo lamps, while outdoor use can choose a woven lamp of waterproof material that can be effectively placed for outdoor use.

C. Humidity can also affect the life of the natural material lamp, such as living in an environment that is mainly humid or dry. Natural material lamps usually have to avoid the use of humid environment.

2. Why do my natural material lights help market my business?

Choosing wholesale natural light for your business is an important branding and marketing strategy that requires more thought than expected. 

Wholesale natural material lights customized in your company's colors or logo are a cost-effective option for marketing your business and promoting your brand. xinsanxing is a professional manufacturer that has been providing a variety of wholesale natural material lights services for 15 years and can help you.  

Bamboo lamp history

A. Your Branding Effect

Match the packaging of your wholesale natural material lamps to the color theme of your store. By unifying the visual and thus increasing brand awareness.

Cost should not be the only factor in choosing a product. Your business should maintain an image and reputation that is directly reflected in the type of natural material lamp chosen. Wholesale natural light is not just a fixture, but a link between your customers, your product and your store.

B.Your marketing skills

The idea of natural material lights being green will convey your promotional message for a long time because the materials used in these products are green. If your business is facing stiff competition, you need to have a unique selling point for your product. Make sure that product profits can absorb the cost of packaging and display. Develop a financial plan for the investment and wholesale quantities required so you can determine if custom or off-the-shelf bulk natural material lamps are right for your business. Note that custom lamps usually fit directly into a business and suit an individual corporate identity. Investing in different natural material lights will take your business a long way.

3. Which natural material lamp is best for the environment?

Review whether your company or organization has a position on the environmental, impact of the product. What is your company's position on this issue and is there a demand for environmentally friendly products from your customer base.

We like to make natural material lamps , because they are made of natural materials and can be re-grown. They are less likely to damage the ecosystem. Growable natural materials have been proven to be better for the environment.

The product you choose is not just a practical solution for your customers to take home their purchases. It's more of a marketing investment, and we pride ourselves on our expertise.

Custom natural material lights are made from the material of your choice to make your own personalized lighting solution.XINSANXING can make lights in a variety of shapes and sizes using the material of your choice to fit the image, style and weight of your product. We can then custom print your company logo and colors on the product of your choice.

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Post time: Jul-28-2022