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Design Innovation

With a strong and creative product design and manufacturing team, we keep up with the global lighting market trends and use our strengths to constantly develop new products. This sets us apart from other conventional suppliers. Custom design and manufacturing are welcome.

Product Quality

As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we pay great attention to quality control. From raw material quality control to production line quality control, from finished product quality control to factory quality control, our quality control is in strict accordance with the requirements.

Completed certifications

We have obtained many necessary certificates and qualifications, such as ETL, ROHS, ISO9001, BSCI, etc. Our products can enter the markets of different countries smoothly according to the demand, especially in North American countries and European countries.

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As one of the most experienced manufacturers of outdoor rattan lights in the industry, we know that every lighting product is unique. We work with you to create a custom solution to meet your needs and achieve your goals, all within your budget.

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We have many hot selling popular and classic outdoor garden lights,We are proud to recommend this brand new outdoor garden light to you, it has an iron frame and PE rattan is tightly hand-woven. We creatively made an "edge" effect on the upper part of this outdoor garden light for a more natural look.

We use solar energy as a light source. Through the built-in solar panel, it can absorb solar energy to charge the battery during the day, and it can continue to work for 6-8 hours at night. Currently we have products of this style in different sizes. Looking natural, refined and quality, our outdoor garden lights should be a good choice for your garden and home decor.

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