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Wholesale customized rattan floor lamps not only fully meet the basic needs of commercial places for lighting and decoration, more importantly, they are inexpensive and high quality. Wholesale customized rattan floor lamps offer affordable prices, and businessmen can buy them in bulk to get higher quality at lower costs, thus providing cost-effective lighting options for commercial venues. Whether you are opening a new business or remodeling an old one, wholesale custom rattan floor lamps are a cost-effective lighting and decorative solution.

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Custom Light Fixtures Rattan floor lamp

As a rattan floor lamp factory with many years of manufacturing experience, we are proud to have advanced production equipment and a team of highly skilled employees. Our factory is located in an area rich in rattan resources, which provides high quality raw materials for our products and ensures our supply chain is stable and reliable. Our factory pays attention to details and ensures that every rattan floor lamp meets high quality standards and exceeds customer expectations through a strict quality management system.

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Rattan floor lamp Manufacturers & Suppliers & Factories In China

Rattan floor lamp is one of the core products of our factory. We use high quality rattan material which is carefully woven and handmade to present a unique and exquisite design. The combination of the natural texture of the rattan material and the delicate weaving process gives the rattan floor lamp a unique flavor. Whether used for indoor or outdoor space, rattan floor lamps can create a warm, natural lighting effect. The light radiates a soft and cozy glow through the rattan weave, creating a pleasant living environment. Whether used in homes, hotels, resorts or commercial spaces, rattan floor lamps can be the center of attention.

The commercial value of rattan floor lamp

UNIQUE DESIGN STYLE: Rattan floor lamps have a natural and elegant design style, blending traditional and modern elements, bringing people a comfortable and cozy feeling. This unique design style can attract more customers and add a unique atmosphere and character to the commercial place where it is located.

Enhance the beauty of the space: rattan floor lamps can play an important decorative role in commercial spaces. Their unique appearance and delicate craftsmanship can create a unique atmosphere for commercial places and highlight the beauty of the space. Whether it is a hotel, restaurant, shopping mall or office, rattan floor lamps can add artistic atmosphere and enhance the beauty of the space.

Enhance the competitiveness of the place: in the fierce market competition, commercial establishments need to continue to attract customers through various ways. As a unique decoration, rattan floor lamps can add unique features to commercial places and attract more customers and visitors. This will make commercial places stand out in the competition and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

Rattan floor lamps are designed in a unique style, showing an elegant and pure beauty through the use of natural rattan material and skillful integration of natural elements. Their soft light can create a cozy and quiet atmosphere for commercial places, allowing customers to feel pleasure and serenity. Not only that, rattan floor lamps can also combine unique shapes and materials to show a unique artistic taste, decorating the commercial space with more personality and characteristics.

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The Rattan Floor Lamp is one of our signature products that are carefully designed and crafted. We use natural rattan material, which is finely woven to create a beautiful and unique floor lamp. The natural texture and softness of the rattan gives the rattan floor lamp its unique charm. They emit a warm and soft light through the openings in the rattan weave, bringing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to indoor or outdoor spaces. Rattan floor lamps not only provide light, but are also a decorative piece that gives a space a unique character and can blend well with a variety of interior decorating styles.In a competitive market, we always adhere to the principles of high quality, innovative design and excellent service. We are committed to building a long-term partnership of mutual trust and cooperation with our customers to help you achieve business success.

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Custom production of rattan floor lamp process

Demand communication: Communicate with customers to understand customers' design requirements, styles, sizes and other requirements for rattan floor lamps, and determine the number of customization and delivery time.

Design scheme: According to the customer's needs and requirements, the designer will develop the preliminary design scheme of the vine floor lamp, and show it to the customer through the floor plan or 3D model, so that the customer can confirm and provide feedback.
Material procurement: According to the determined design scheme, purchase suitable vine materials and other related materials to ensure product quality and meet customer requirements.
Production and processing: cutting, weaving and assembly processes are carried out in the production base to make the final rattan floor lamp products.
Quality inspection: Strict quality inspection of customized rattan floor lamps, including appearance quality, electrical functions and safety performance of lamps.
Packaging and delivery: According to customer requirements, the rattan floor lamp is properly packaged, and transportation and delivery are arranged to ensure that the product is delivered to the customer in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to customize a rattan floor lamp?

The time it takes to customize a rattan floor lamp usually depends on the complexity of the order and the number of customization requests. Typically, the customization process takes 3-4 weeks, including design, production, quality check and packaging.

What kind of rattan floor lamps can we customize?

We offer flexible customization services and can customize rattan floor lamps in various shapes, sizes, colors and weaving styles according to your needs and requirements. You can choose the design of the shade, the material and shape of the frame, as well as the number and power of the lamps.

What is the minimum order quantity for customized rattan floor lamp?

We do not have a minimum order quantity because we focus on personalized service for each customer. No matter how many custom rattan floor lamps you need, we can meet your needs.

How is the price of a custom rattan floor lamp calculated?

The price of custom rattan floor lamps is based on a number of factors, including materials selected, design complexity, production process, quantity and delivery location. When you submit your customization requirements, we will provide you with a detailed quotation.

Are samples available?

Yes, we can provide samples for your review and confirmation. Sample costs will be calculated based on order details and sample quantities and will be credited when the order is officially placed.

Is delivery service available?

Yes, we offer worldwide delivery. Regardless of your geographic location, we can safely deliver the Customized Rattan Floor Lamp to your destination.

What if I have any questions or comments about the Custom Rattan Floor Lamp?

We take our customers' comments and feedback very seriously. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about the Custom Rattan Floor Lamp, we will be more than happy to communicate with you and resolve the issue. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

How do we provide customization needs?

You can contact our customer service team via email, online request for quote form or phone with your customization needs and detailed requirements. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible and create a customized solution for you.

Is it possible to add my own brand logo or label to my order?

Yes, we support adding customer's brand logo or label on the rattan floor lamp. You just need to provide the appropriate design or logo file and we will add it for you during the production process.

Do you provide after-sales service and warranty?

Yes, we provide after-sales service and warranty. If you encounter any problems or need help when using the rattan floor lamp, just contact our customer service team, we will try our best to solve the problem and provide the necessary support.

Can you provide detailed information about the materials and production process of the Rattan Floor Lamp?

Yes, of course! We are more than happy to share detailed information about the materials and manufacturing process of our Rattan Floor Lamps with our customers. Please let us know what you are interested in and we will provide the relevant technical information and answer your questions.

Do you offer wholesale prices or discounts?

Yes, we offer wholesale prices and corresponding discounts for large customized orders. The exact level of discount will be evaluated based on factors such as order quantity, customization requirements, and history of cooperation.

Is it possible to choose other fixture types than just floor lamps?

Yes, we also provide other types of customized rattan light fixtures, including chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, and a variety of lighting accessories. You can choose the right type of fixture according to your needs and market demand.

Have a Special Requirement?

In addition to offering a wide range of standard styles of rattan floor lamps, we also provide wholesale customization services to meet the individual needs of different customers. Our professional design team will work with you to design a unique rattan floor lamp scheme according to your requirements and space layout. We can customize the shape and size of the lampshade, as well as the pattern and color of the rattan weaving according to your needs. Our manufacturing process and experience will ensure the quality and accuracy of each customized product so that you can have a unique rattan floor lamp.


Please tell us requirements for materials; and if need to add extra function such as type of lamp holder, type of power cord, or type of plug etc.


100 pieces can be ordered. But for the Max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

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