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How to make a hanging lampshade? Good light is an important factor in keeping the room comfortable, and those beautiful hanging lampshades can harmonize the tone of the room and add a lot of color to a bland room. You can make your own woven lampshade based on your favorite pattern and then use your skills to make a pleasing ceiling lampshade. Follow me to learn how to make a chandelier lampshade!

he tools needed to make the lampshade

A 14-inch washer, metal lampshade frame,Mat and pencil,hobby knife,Cutting table for operation,6 feet of double-sided tape,scissors,1 and 1/2 yards of fabric,1 and 1/2 yards of one-inch wide trim tape,A lamp holder

How to make a hanging lamp shade

The production method of lampshade

Lampshade specific production step one: measurement and cutting

  1.Measure and write down the circumference of the lampshade.

  2.Use a pencil to mark the circumference of the fabric at 11 and 1/2 inches, leaving 1 inch. The length of the finished shade will be 10 inches, and a quarter of an inch will be left at each end for the seam allowance.

  3.cut out the double-sided tape and the width of 10 inches of wallpaper (do not overlap).

  4.cut the double-sided tape into 8 strips of 14 inches long and 1 in 2 wide.

  Measure and note down the circumference of the lampshade Measure and note down the circumference of the lampshade.

  Cut out the double-sided tape and the 10-inch-wide wallpaper (do not overlap) Cut out the double-sided tape and the 10-inch-wide wallpaper (do not overlap)

  Iron the fabric before you start making it and set aside on a flat surface.

Lampshade specific production step 2: leveling and pasting

  5.Apply double-sided tape to the top position on the back of the cloth, leaving three-quarters of an inch above and below. Tear off only a few inches of adhesive paper at a time to prevent air bubbles.

  6.tear off the back of the double-sided adhesive tape and paste on the wallpaper, there must be a patterned side towards themselves.

  7.put down the wallpapered cloth. Apply a few ¾-inch tape along the top of the fabric, and a ¾-inch tape on the side of the wallpaper. The entire circumference of the fabric should be pasted all over. Repeat the above steps on the bottom edge part of the fabric, so that the entire outer frame of the airtight seam line is complete.

  Paste double-sided tape sticky.

  Putting on wallpaperPutting on wallpaper.

  The ideal position of the lampshade is placed at 2/3 of the height of the lamp base.

Lampshade specific production step three: around the frame and trim

  8.With the help of your partner, start winding the frame for the lampshade, starting with the ring at the bottom of the lampshade. One person holds the longer end of the wallpaper while the other slowly tears off the double-sided tape side and presses the cloth firmly onto the metal ring.

  9.repeat the above steps around the ring at the top of the lampshade, making sure the pattern of the gasket is toward the inside of the lampshade, i.e., the pattern faces down when the lampshade is erected.

  10.Fold the edges inward one inch so that the seam is neat and tidy.

  Wrap the metal ring Wrap the metal ring.

  Press the cloth firmly onto the metal ring Press the cloth firmly onto the metal ring.

  Wrap the metal ring and turn the metal frame while attaching the lampshade.

Lampshade specific production step four: on the frame

  Love knot tip: Trim is actually a fancy name for a decorative bundle of edges.

  11.Cut out 15 inches of trim tape. the top of the lampshade inside and outside each stick a double-sided tape, from the seam will start to stick the trim tape on the outside of the lampshade. Cut off the rest of the tape after you finish the loop to ensure a neat finish. Then fold the tape from the top of the shade inward onto the frame and carefully glue it to the tape on the inside.

        13.To finish the bottom of the shade simply repeat the above steps.

Do-it-yourself a lovely woven lampshade, not only can protect your eyes, do-it-yourself also has more fun in it. It's not just about making a lampshade for the sake of a lampshade. It's also about making your own living room more colorful.

How to do woven lampshades, this approach of very much, the above is just to introduce you to a lampshade of their own, of course, different lampshades can be made into different, have their own theme style, you can first try, and then give full play to their imagination, and then to do some more different lampshades, let their ideas into physical, I believe there will be a different lampshade of the emergence, but also make this busy time Give yourself a world of fun, start with a simple one, and slowly make a very professional lampshade!

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