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How to make a bamboo lamp,The most important thing you need to do is to choose a good bamboo, the toughness of the bamboo strips must be good, otherwise it will be easy to break or bend up, and not durable.

Choose a good bamboo strips to do the size of the lamp, specifications, size, with how much thick, how long the bamboo strips. 2 selected to start tearing bamboo strips, tearing bamboo strips when you must wear finger covers. To use the iron frame or wooden frame or something to start weaving.

bamboo lamps


Be sure to wear finger covers or gloves (gloves are not convenient for doing things, it is recommended that you still use the phone cover)

Have a fixed model frame, otherwise it is easy to make the light irregular.

bamboo lamp

Bamboo lamps are often called translucent bamboo lamps, artistic bamboo lamps, etc. and have a long history. In the very early above, bamboo lamp is just a simple lamp, people use the characteristics of bamboo to make some simple lampshade for people to use. In recent years, because of the design of bamboo woven lamp, incorporating the classical elements of Chinese style, so that it began to be cared for and loved by the majority of consumers.

Today we make a bamboo hand-woven lamp together. We can save a lot of money by DIY ourselves.


Tracing paper A3-A4 size

Woodworking glue

Joinery drill bit

Hand drill

Paper cutter

Bamboo, length in 300-400mm

4 long energy-saving bulbs and matching lamp holders

A series of wiring row

2 bamboo tubes, roughly 10cm in diameter, thick and thin

A wooden board, 400X400mm

Step 1 Make the lamp body.

First, cut one end of the bamboo thinly and drill holes in the other end of the bamboo, so that it is easy to connect and strong. Use 4 pairs of bamboo head and foot to form a quadrilateral. It is best to choose a round bamboo. Lay the tracing paper on the table and place the bamboo in accordance with the pre-drilled holes, apply glue and set it up.

After tracing out the range and reserving a 5mm edge, cut it out. Apply woodworking glue to one side of the bamboo and glue it to the tracing paper, and glue the reserved 5mm edge to wrap the other side. This makes a flat quadrilateral.

Drill holes in the four legs of the square, insert the bamboo, and glue it into a three-dimensional square, leaving the bottom empty without gluing the tracing paper, and gluing the remaining five sides with paper.

Step 2 Connect the bulbs

Here the bulbs are made into one group for every two groups of light heads, a total of four groups of bulbs are needed. The original design draft is to open the screw-in part of the bulb, and connect two groups of lamp heads in parallel, which is difficult for DIY beginners, so we will use two bulbs tied together on it.

Step 3 Make the base of the lamp holder

Cut open the pre-prepared bamboo tube, and tie the two sets of bulbs together and stick them firmly. Before tying, the bulbs should be screwed on the lamp base, and when gluing just paste the lamp base and bamboo tube, do not paste the bulbs. To avoid the trouble of replacement later.

Put the board flat on the table, draw the position of the lampholder, and stick the bundled bamboo tube on it. The wire part of the lampholder is reserved, and the direction and location should be consistent.

Step 4 Wiring.

Connect the wires from both sets of lampholders to the parallel connector and connect the switch. Check if the parts used are perfect.

Finally, a beautiful, stylish bamboo lamp is ready.

Tip: The length of the bamboo determines the size of the bulb and the size of the base. The base should not exceed the lampshade. You can make the base a little higher than the picture below, so it looks more tasteful. The difficulty of this DIY production is in the production of the lampshade. Bamboo drilling, plugging, if it is too difficult to complete a thin wood nail a frame can be. But lose the real meaning of DIY.

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