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With the development of modern home lighting is getting better and better, now home lighting are inseparable from the installation of chandeliers, entrance, dining room, bedroom and other living spaces need to install a chandelier to provide lighting, and a good-looking chandelier in addition to lighting also plays a role in decorating the space, can make the home environment more beautiful, so the installation of chandeliers is indispensable. Although the style and size of the chandelier will be different, but the installation steps are more or less the same. So how to install a hanging lamp? This guide will teach you how to hang lamps in your home and what to prepare before installation and how to install chandeliers step by step.

Determine where to install the chandelier

Different functional space, the installation position of the chandelier is also different. For example, the entrance, living room, dining room, the three spaces of the chandelier installation location, usually in the middle of the top surface, so that the chandelier light transmission around will be more even; and the bedroom is considered to be a place to sleep and rest, the light should not be too bright, so the chandelier is generally avoiding the bed above to install. Chandelier location to determine, but also pay attention to detect the location of the gravity, chandeliers have a light ceiling lights also have a weight quite heavy chandeliers, especially some large and heavy chandeliers, if the top of the gravity is not enough, there will be a risk of falling off over time. So the chandelier installation location should be solid masonry top or wall, should not be light wood top.

Install the hanging base

Install the chandelier base against the top or wall, find the hole and mark it out, then put down the base, use the same electric drill as the hole specification to punch the hole, the ceiling hole is generally in 6mm, after the hole is finished you can install the expansion bolt, which is used to fix the chandelier base, but pay attention to the depth of the hole, to stuff the expansion screw into the hole, use the hammer to knock it in, after that the base and Expansion bolts tightened, fixed, to be the same as the pre-determined installation position, can not have offset.

Connect the light wire

After the chandelier base is fixed, you can connect the lamp line and power line, but pay attention to the connection of the two wires to contact good, need to use black tape wrapped well, and pay attention to maintain the spacing, try not to put the two connectors in a piece of metal under the piece, to prevent short circuit to bring danger. After connecting the lamp line and power line can be installed, at this time can be powered on to check, see if it can be used normally, such as not normal to check the line, if all OK, then we must turn off the power and then continue the subsequent installation of chandeliers.

Hanging chandelier shades and pendants

Remember to turn off the power after powering up properly before continuing to install the shade or pendant. Each chandelier style is different, the pendant will also be different, the specific installation method to refer to the lighting instructions, step by step will be installed pendant, usually pendant will have remaining, you can store it well, so as to avoid future damage to the pendant can be replaced on time.

Indoor decorative chandeliers recommended

Nowadays, there are various chandelier styles, if you want your living space to be more fresh and natural, you can choose a chandelier made of natural materials, natural material chandelier is not only fresh and natural, but also light and beautiful, which is perfect for any style of decorative lighting. Here are a few natural chandeliers that I really like.

Chandelier installation precautions

Pay attention to the location and length of the chandelier

If the chandelier is a combination of multiple small chandeliers, then pay attention to the distance between them and the length of the relationship, not sure of the spacing and length with the light can refer to the manual, and then use the size to measure, and make a mark on the top surface, after the installation of the base can also be measured again, adjust the position and height, so as not to deviate from the overall aesthetics of the chandelier.

Pay attention to the solid security of the base

The base of the chandelier must be installed firmly, otherwise it is very dangerous once it falls. Chandelier weight if greater than 3 kg, to use pre-built hook to directly fix the support hanger, in order to install the chandelier. Reminder: No matter how heavy the installation of the chandelier must be installed firmly on the base, and in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions to install, so as not to bring hidden dangers to family safety.

Pay attention to the installation height of the chandelier

The height of each housing is different, so indoor installation of chandeliers should pay attention to the height, so as not to install too low to affect the line of sight, especially in the living room and dining room space, chandeliers can not be too low, should not obstruct the normal line of sight, the light is not harsh before you can. General chandelier pendant rod with a certain length of thread, it is possible to adjust the height according to the need.

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