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Now a lot of lighting decoration is the pursuit of creativity, so creative home lighting can be manifested everywhere. Today to teach you to make a simple creative bamboo chandelier, how to make a bamboo chandelier, the production is also relatively simple, interested in friends can follow to do up. The material is also the bamboo that you can get at hand.

Step 1: Prepare bamboo

You can prepare some existing bamboo or new bamboo, bamboo is best to choose some older growth age or some soft bamboo pieces. Get the bamboo rattan according to the pre-calculated size, and then just handle it initially.

Step 2: Make bamboo lampshade frame

Make two round frames of the same size about 40cm, of course, you can also make two different frames of the same size according to what you like.

Step 3: Make the lampshade

Wrap or glue the processed bamboo strips one by one evenly on top of the frame, and wrap them as you like, paying attention to the top and bottom when gluing. This step may take a while, because a good-looking  woven lampshade needs to be carefully made.

Step 4: Trimming and sanding

Use scissors to remove the protruding or excess parts of the lampshade, and then use coarse gauze to polish the edges. Then gradually polish the edges of the shade with fine gauze to get rid of impurities such as glue. This will make the shade of the chandelier behave very texturally.

Step 5: Making the light bulb frame

The first is based on the frame of the lamp shade preliminary calculation of the size of the bulb holder, and then use the wire and then cut and bend the wire line, make two hanger-like and then connected together, I used the wire. Then link the wire with the lamp head on it, and fixed.

Step 6: Install the light bulb

Use a good bulb holder on the bamboo shade frame to fix it, install the bulb and then install it to the ceiling, connect the power supply, so that a beautiful bamboo chandelier is made.

This is one of the easiest tutorials for making diy bamboo chandeliers from bamboo. Spare a little time and make a nice looking bamboo chandelier for yourself.

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Post time: Oct-14-2021