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Pendant lighting is probably the most versatile of all interior fixtures.. They can be placed anywhere in the room because conveniently, ceilings are everywhere. Outstanding lighting is usually very expensive, but I have learned that you can make gorgeous lighting for very little money. Chandeliers are a good example. Homemade chandeliers have always been popular because it does not matter the material, what kind of material can be made, and each has its own characteristics, so with a pair of hands, you can make a clever Ceiling light. Here we look at a few of our friends homemade chandeliers, really beautiful ah.

How to make your own small flashlight chandelier

Materials and tools: flashlights, plastic bottles, relatively thin rope.

Use a string to tie up that super small flashlight, take a plastic bottle,, cut the bottom, the one that helps the flashlight line glued to the top, the bottom of the plastic bottle above to make a hook, it's done, you can also pack it.

Homemade ball-shaped skeleton pendant lamp

Materials and tools: balloons, relatively thin rope.

Homemade ball-shaped skeleton chandelier method: blow up the balloon, the gas mouth tied, do not leak, good round balloon. Put the thin hemp rope or paper rope in the glue soak, or brush the rope full of glue. Begin to wrap the rope around the top of the balloon, you can wind irregularly, you can also design a graphic, in short, to wrap the balloon mold full of thin rope. Here to note, to leave a mouth in the balloon mouth there, do not wrap rope, to facilitate the future of the rope chandelier lampshade to the lamp above, but also to facilitate the chandelier ready to take out the balloon mold. Keep wrapping until you feel that the light is enough to set, no more wrapping, and then wait for the white glue on the twine to dry completely. Rope cover also hardened, you can put the air out of the balloon, the balloon out, and then the chandelier is successful!

Homemade striped lamp shade chandelier

Want to make a plain lampshade at home colorful? Then let's see how a chandelier shade can be the icing on the cake.

Materials: an ordinary old lampshade at home, if monochrome. A number of colored stripes tape, you can pick your favorite color, a lot of light colors less dark colors.

Homemade striped chandelier method: take the old lampshade at home and put it away. Take out the colored stripes tape, try to use light colors, at the same time to choose 1-2 dark stripes, shades of contrast highlight the visual beauty. The clever combination of different colors makes the original ordinary lampshade bright and eye-catching. Make the first stripe, paste the stripe from the top edge of the lampshade, press the stripe with your fingers until it is glued, after the first stripe is glued, glue the stripe on the lampshade from top to bottom, and cut the bottom of the stripe flush with the lampshade. Paste the stripes of other colors in the same way, overlapping each stripe with half of the previous stripe. After the stripes are pasted, apply a layer of glue to the top and bottom edges of the shade and paste a layer of trim tape. The beautiful and chic striped chandelier is ready.

Simple steps to make bamboo chandeliers as follows

1. Prepare the required materials: bamboo slices

2. Tear the bamboo strip along the small opening of the bamboo piece

3. Fix one end of the bamboo strip to the metal shade frame with a needle and thread

4. Wrap the bamboo strip back and forth on the metal lampshade frame, fix the end of the bamboo strip on the metal frame, and then sew the next bamboo strip

5. To avoid the horizontal support at the top of the metal frame, leave a small opening at the edge of the lampshade

6. After the binding is completed, you can use a contrasting color and pattern to bind the ends of the lampshade, such as blue flowers

7. After the upper and lower ends of the shade are glued, the Bamboo pendant lamp is successfully made

Homemade beaded lampshade pendant lights

Tools and materials: clear decorative balls, perforated beads, lampshade frame or wire basket, scissors, wire, wire cutters, ribbon, needle and thread, paint.

How to make your own beaded chandelier: Use light-colored heavy-duty thread, thread the needle and start stringing silver and gold beaded pieces with holes, which is more time-consuming and requires patience, and use 8 pieces of beads for each string. Spray paint the wire frame with white paint. Put the lampshade frame upside down so that the wide part is at the top. Hang the clear decorative balls from the base ring to make the shape you like, then hang the strung beads from the top base ring. Measure out the armature of the top base of the chandelier, cut out the required length on the ribbon to make a loop, glue the light gray ribbon on the base first, then glue the light pink ribbon on top of the light gray and silver ribbon, use a needle and thread to guide the needle through the ribbon, sew the ribbon on the armature of the top base, wrap the wire back around and through the ribbon. Repeat this step until the ribbon is fully sewn on. Cut the wire and string each of the four strands to form a web. Unscrew the lamp base, put the wire inside, and twist the wire end to hide it. The chandelier is finished!

Step by step instructions on how to make a rattan pendant lamp

Tools and materials: rattan, lampshade frame or wire basket, scissors, metal wire, wire cutters, paint.

How to make your own rattan chandelier: use the lampshade frame as a model, determine the initial fixing with wire, after the first step is completed, you can weave with rattan, weave with rattan to pay attention to the density of winding, winding back and forth well after the rattan chandelier is initially completed, if you want your rattan chandelier looks different, this time you can use different colors of paint to your chandelier color, so a very beautiful Rattan chandelier is.

How to make a crystal pendant lamp by hand

Find an iron circle, the upper side of more small holes, 1-1.5 mm, and then go buy some junk crystal hanging on a circle, the top with a few wire hanging, three or four, as long as you can hang flat on it, if you think it is simple, you can add a triangle in the middle of the circle welded four corners pentagon and so on, but also full of holes. The process of making crystal chandeliers is the production process to see the precision of the connection of various parts, the symmetry of the location relationship, the unity of the connection and length. If the metal material has obvious streaks, it indicates that it has not been polished; if it is a hooded feeling, it means that the polishing is only coarse over the sand; if the flat place can be used as a mirror, and the image has no sense of streaks, it means that the polishing is excellent. The stronger the sense of mirror, the better the polishing; the stronger the sense of stripes, the more foggy feeling, indicating that the rougher the polishing, polishing good crystal lamp is better.

These are a few of the chandeliers that can be homemade, very simple. In addition to homemade chandeliers, we are also able to make homemade table lamps, floor lamps and other decorative lighting fixtures. If you have good ideas for making them, we can discuss more together. We are a supplier of lamps and lighting from China, and we have all kinds of pendant lamps, table lamps and floor lamps. Go to XINSANXING light to learn more.

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