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Chandeliers are a type of lighting that is often used in modern homes. Many people have chandeliers installed in their homes. Nowadays, chandeliers can not only play a very good lighting effect, but also play a very good decorative effect. If you want to make your own chandelier more with high quality, then the wiring time must pay special attention to achieve high quality wiring, while making their own chandelier installation method reasonable. So how to wire the chandelier wiring to be good?

How to connect the chandelier wiring

1, the light body and metal hanging plate disassembled and separated, the back of the metal hanging calendar plate on the corners of the screw rod and the metal chassis of the light body of the hole conditioning balance, twist tight, and pull out into action to test whether it can be easily carried out, to facilitate the installation steps afterwards; and in the installation of the metal hanging plate conditioning to parallel and diagonal parallel to the ceiling, in order to achieve beautiful results, and must ensure that firmly installed in the ceiling; find the home power The main switch. Pull down the switch is a power failure, in the electric pen to test whether there is electricity or open the home power facilities to see if the power failure, to determine the power failure after the next step.

2, then find the wire to be connected, divided into fire and zero line, red is the fire line; blue is the zero line. If you do not know you can try with a pen, the pen light is on one end of the fire line, the other is the zero line. Remember that the fire wire is electrically charged do not touch with your bare hands. Installation of lamps and lanterns, if equipped with remote control device lamps and lanterns, must be distinguished between the fire wire and zero wire, otherwise it can not be energized or easily burned; when lifting the lamp body ready to connect with the metal hanging plate try to pay attention to the location of the LED light source, LED light source recessed will affect the effect.

3, the next thing to do is to pinch the thread. After finding the line with small pliers or use small shears to pinch off the skin of the wire to reveal a longer copper wire. Remember to leak the copper wire is not too short, otherwise the wiring is not good to connect. A total of four heads will be pinched off the skin, ready for wiring. Check whether the lamps and lanterns have accessories or screws and such need to be installed in the back of the lamp body (usually Plexiglas accessories, that is, used to support the landlord of the glass rod), and ensure that the correct installation of fixed, outside the rest of the hanging accessories can be temporarily do not have to install.

4, ready and then wiring, with the two lines of the lamp head connected to the two lines corresponding to the color of the power supply. Do not forget to pinch the line skin of the lamp head. If you buy a lamp head is not with the line can be screwed down the cover of the lamp head will leak two copper screws, the line to the screw under the mouth can then tighten the screws. The next step is to use tape to fix the wiring port, remember to buy insulating tape, special electrician. (The wire directly to the screw will not tape fixed). Will be connected to the wire with tape wrapped around a few turns, fixed, the tighter the tape is pulled. Safety fixed to the ceiling, turn on the power supply to test whether it can be energized properly, and then the rest of the accessories on the surface of the light body according to the steps.

5, after connecting the wire back to the original place, so that is for aesthetic purposes, will be pushed on the electric switch to send electricity, try to open the light switch to see if the light is on, if the light indicates that the wiring is successful, no light, then it means that there is an error in one of the above links. If you think the woven light body is relatively large, more difficult wiring, you can lengthen the power connection of the light body, generally lengthened to touch the ground as appropriate, so it will be easy to install a lot, after installation can be collected in the power cord inside the light body, does not affect the beauty and normal use.

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