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Now the bamboo woven lampshade its function and value is far more than for simple lighting, bamboo woven itself is a kind of art, its contains a very traditional culture, elements also into different classical elements, natural and simple, noble and elegant. Very suitable for modern decorative style of supporting lighting, stage props, etc.. Today is a brief description of how to make bamboo lampshades.

Step 1: Prepare bamboo material

Bamboo woven lampshade bamboo selection materials are selected from more than five years and less than ten years in the mountains of the best moso bamboo. Only bamboo with excellent elasticity can be used to weave lamps, although bamboo has natural light transmission, but only 2 mm as part of the bamboo lampshade material. It is necessary to select the middle 2mm part of the bamboo body with an inner diameter of 8-13cm, which is the part where the bamboo flesh and the bamboo yellow join.

bamboo lighting

Step 2: Cut the prepared bamboo into bamboo pieces

Cut the prepared bamboo into bamboo pieces according to the size of the bamboo lampshade you want to design, the size of the cut depends on the design of your lampshade size. Usually cutting into 1 to 2 feet is sufficient. You can use a hand saw to cut the bamboo pieces. to make sure the bamboo pieces are exactly the same length.

Step 3: Processing and polishing bamboo pieces

The cut bamboo piece should be fumigated to make it dry before weaving, so as to play the effect of bamboo anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-insect and anti-cracking, and the lampshade made will be durable.

bamboo lampshade 1

Step 4: Weaving bamboo lampshade

There are many forms of bamboo lampshade weaving manufacturing, we commonly use the cross weave, this weaving method is simple, is very easy to learn. If you also better creative ideas, you can also go according to the way you want to design the production.

Step 5: Decorate the lampshade

The initial color of the made lampshade is the natural color of bamboo, the lampshade looks fresh and natural, of course you can choose to use paint to make the bamboo lampshade the color you want, whether the lampshade has color on it or you want the lampshade to be natural, you should spray a top coat on the bamboo lampshade. The topcoat will help protect your entire shade. I prefer the look of natural bamboo lampshades. They are a great addition to anyone's home decor. They have a look and feel that is very popular right now too.

bamboo lampshade

Just one bamboo lampshade is ready, and you can apply him to the location you want to decorate according to your living space.

Natural elements in the home have now become an important home decor and home trend. It is a perfect choice to introduce some beautiful natural elements. At XINSANXING we produce and manufacture natural materials for lighting.

Post time: Oct-28-2021