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How to hang chandeliers look good? This chandelier hanging and installation strategy, a comprehensive analysis.

Nowadays, chandeliers have become a necessary decoration for restaurant decoration, a good restaurant chandelier, not only has a good decorative effect, but also can make the diner's appetite increased. And for the restaurant chandelier how to install the correct and restaurant chandelier installation height how much suitable for these issues, many decoration white is not very clear. This article will take you to understand the restaurant chandelier installation steps and restaurant chandelier installation height regulations, interested friends hurry to collect it!

Restaurant chandelier installation steps

1.Installation drill preparation

In preparation for the installation of the chandelier drill must pick a suitable drill, because the holes in the ceiling generally hit 6mm, if the size of the drill is not suitable, it is not possible to carry out the installation of the chandelier, so the installation is to choose a suitable drill specifications.

2.Find the hole position on the ceiling plate of the suction cup

Take down the pendant from the ceiling plate → align the ceiling plate → on the screws, if looking for the empty position has not been aligned, pay attention to adjust the position of the screws.


After the hole position is determined, you can drill holes, drilling must pay attention to the depth of the hole, at most not more than 6mm.

4.On the expansion screw

The expansion screw race to the hole, and hammered in to ensure its tightness, to ensure that the subsequent chandelier in the use of the process will not appear hanging off the phenomenon.

5.Fix the hanging plate

Fully embed the expansion screws into the wall, and then fix the hanging plate, in this step, be sure to install the hanging plate firmly, do not make the wood screws appear offset.

6.Fix the ceiling plate and light body

Hanging plate and ceiling panel with screws, to be screwed, you can fix the ceiling panel, this step still need to fix the ceiling panel securely.

7.Lamp shade installation

Although the installation of the lamp shade is simple, but must ensure that its various decorative pendants in the subsequent use of the process will not appear to fall off, but also to ensure that the entire chandelier after installation, its decorative good.

Chandelier installation height regulations

Restaurant chandeliers if hung too high will affect the lighting level of the space, if hung too low dining process will be very inconvenient, so the restaurant chandelier height selection is also some provisions. decoration to create a good dining environment, select the height of the restaurant chandelier to consider many factors, as for the type of restaurant chandelier can be selected with the restaurant style want to combine, and different shapes, different styles of restaurant chandelier height also exists a certain amount of difference.

2.the installation height of the commonly used dining room chandelier, according to the height of the room, the height of the dining table, the size of the restaurant to determine the hanging height of the chandelier. Most of the chandelier hanging wire is fixed, can only be adjusted before the installation of the length, the general chandelier should be about 55 ~ 60 cm away from the dining table.

3. its lowest point should be not less than 2.2 meters from the ground, so that the height will not affect the illumination, but also will not have a collision.

So, how much is the right height of the dining room chandelier? There is no uniform answer to this question, the specific restaurant chandelier installation height should be based on the floor height, table height and space size to consider, the general restaurant chandelier from the ground height of the minimum should not be less than 2.2 meters, so that the installation height will not affect the normal lighting, but also will not make people have a collision. I hope everyone can have a happy meal time.

How many chandeliers to hang, how to hang?

Chandeliers hanging a few, how to hang, according to the size of the space, lighting needs and personal preferences to decide.

Hanging suggestions.

1. the smaller small house is not a lot of space, above the low hanging a chandelier is enough.

2.Space comparison places, such as living rooms, restaurants, these larger spaces, it is recommended to hang more than a few, to take care of the light needs of each area.

3. in the case of meeting the lighting, if you want to enhance the sense of space levels, you can also make changes in the suspension method, such as high and low staggered or asymmetric arrangement.

A chandelier - hanging low in the center of the space

In a small home with a small space, hanging one chandelier is enough. Hang only one chandelier, the position of the chandelier can not change, it is best to hang in the room directly above, so as to ensure that the light can be evenly covered in the whole room. You can partially arrange candles or add floor lamps to increase lighting. Delicate and lightweight gold chandelier is hanging above the room, high class model. Space and white chandelier match well, simple and comfortable.

Multiple chandeliers: lined up in a neat and orderly manner

Two semi-circular chandeliers are lined up in a neat and orderly manner. The dining table for four is illuminated by two chandeliers for more light. The pink chandelier relieves the coldness of the off-white dining room. A clean and bright space can try black chandeliers. Dark chandeliers can neutralize the monotony of pure light-colored decoration and enrich the space level. If you like small chandeliers, you can put three gold chandeliers in a line like the above picture, which also looks good. The same different color chandelier with a very bright.

Multiple chandeliers: centered symmetry for a sense of balance

If you think that hanging in a single row is too common, consider hanging the chandeliers symmetrically by center. In a dining room space dominated by wood and white, the chandeliers should also be kept uniform.

Multiple chandeliers: high and low staggered, richer space levels

Three small chandeliers with different shapes add interest above the dining table. The color and shape of each chandelier can be different, and the length of the chandelier does not have to be kept equal, it all depends on your creativity.

Chandeliers are gorgeous and beautiful, but safety is more important

In home decoration, most people will choose to install gorgeous and beautiful chandeliers in the living room. Because the weight of the chandelier is very large, in the installation of chandeliers on the construction requirements are very strict if the chandelier installation is not standardized, it will become a time bomb overhead, may be when it will fall, not only will ruin the expensive chandelier, but also may smash people.

The house area is not large, do not choose crystal type large volume and fragile large chandelier

From the economic and scientific point of view, if the area of the house is not particularly large, do not choose crystal class volume and fragile large chandeliers, you can pick wood or imitation sheepskin texture of the lamps, although it does not look as gorgeous as crystal chandeliers, but have a special mood, and light weight, even if it falls, it is not easy to hurt people.

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Pendant light installation precautions

The ceiling light in the bathroom should be light and with waterproof function. Lightweight ceiling lights can be installed directly on the aluminum stud keel, complex-shaped lamps and lanterns can not.

If you are ready to install wall lamps, the wall is best not to use wallpaper and other flammable decorative materials. Wall lamp long-term irradiation will lead to local discoloration of the wall, which will cause a serious wall fire. It is best to choose a wall sconce with a long drawbar, protruding from the wall, or a sconce protected by a lampshade. At the same time, be sure to keep a certain distance from the wall when installing wall sconces.

When installing a chandelier in the dining room, it is best not to fix it in the middle of the dining room ceiling so that the dining light is not directly above the dining table. In addition to chandeliers, the dining room should be equipped with other light sources, one is that most chandeliers are not bright enough, the second is to install a few wall lamps or table lamps can be in some special holidays to regulate the dining atmosphere.

Post time: Sep-17-2021