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Bamboo floor lamps.Generally arranged in the living room and rest area, with sofas, coffee tables with the use to meet the needs of local lighting and decorate the home environment. But be careful not to be placed next to tall furniture or obstruct the activities of the area. Bamboo floor lamp is generally composed of lampshade, bracket, base three parts, its shape is upright, beautiful.
Bamboo floor lamp is often used for local lighting, not comprehensive, but to emphasize the convenience of movement, for the creation of the corner atmosphere is very practical. Light way if the direct downward projection, suitable for reading and other activities that require mental concentration, if the indirect lighting, you can adjust the overall light changes. Bamboo floor lamp shade, requiring simple and generous, decorative. At present, the tube type shade is more popular, the Chinese lamp-shaped, lantern-shaped also more used. Some people like to prepare their own shade. Like the use of bamboo pieces made into a large lampshade, very interesting. It is like an increased size of the table lamp, only with the addition of a high and low seat.

Bamboo floor lamp material selection and process

Bamboo floor lamp shade material processing is the processing of bamboo into gabions, weaving lamp shade is made of gabions, closing is an indispensable auxiliary complementary process, the purpose is to make bamboo woven products more beautiful, delicate, smooth and durable.

Material processing

It is a handful of bamboo (200 per handful) standing in the courtyard in the sun, dried in the rain, then in the sun, and then stored away. When using, take a first scrape off the bamboo knots, bamboo hair, and then split in two, and then in the river or mill canal soak, soak for two days and two nights, when the bamboo softened and fished out, then the flexibility of bamboo is greatly improved, suitable for processing, and then dissected with a scabbard knife into a proportionate thin strip, and then scraped, can be used for weaving. Next, weaving. First, the two uniform thickness, length of the wooden stick curved, the middle of the stick crossed and stacked, through the square circle tied with wire, the four stick head placed to the four corners of the circle, made into a back bamboo stick (also known as back bamboo corner). Then woven from bottom to top.

Weaving of the lamp

To first use the tendons (wider bamboo strips) plate bottom, and then use the gabions (thin bamboo strips) weave. Braided to two inches at the head of the neck, five inches at the neck of two, a foot at the neck of three. Then lock the edge, small rattan a foot five inches high lock edge, a foot six inches, large rattan two feet high lock edge. The edge of the lock on the last stick, is the back of the mouth last round, last, so that the back of the beautiful shape. Then wrap the edge, split the young bamboo in two, wrap the mouth on the edge of three circles, the essence is to lock the edge of the refinement of the reinforcement process, so that the mouth of the back of the comfortable to hold in the hands, do not tie, but also solid and durable, so far the back of the bamboo is even woven. Lock edge, last stick, wrap the edge are the closing process, but also to show the level of technology to weave the back of the bamboo key.

Weave the end

Is also in the front of the back of the sedan tied to do two back stick, in the back of the sedan to do four guard stick, so that the back of the sedan more solid, durable. Folk songs, specifically about the weave of the back of the bamboo: ""hours at home hand embarrassed, and gabions to the bamboo canopy. Boom a few bamboo with broken, delicate hands stripped gabions like a book. Fine gabions warp and weft with the weave, the bottom of the good start mouth difficult to close."

Notes on making bamboo floor lamps

Folding higher than sitting and sleeping

If you choose the bamboo floor lamp for bedside lamps, and have the habit of reading before going to bed, then you should pay attention to make the light range slightly higher than their sitting and lying posture. When reading, because the light can not be directly into the book and easy to make the eyes feel discomfort. So, for the sake of reading, you can set the brightness of the lamp to adjust the light in addition to the position of the lamp to be higher.

Reserved wire head

Bamboo floor lamp is movable lighting decoration, so in addition to its own length when connected to the wire, should also be reserved for the length of the wire, so that it is convenient to move around again to prevent the trouble caused by connecting the power too long.

The choice of light source

As the energy-saving lamps themselves are low energy consumption lamps, compared to ordinary light bulbs to send the same light can be very energy efficient. If you use energy-saving lamps for adjustable light, then the energy-saving lamps will be frequently changing light efficiency and reduce the service life. Therefore, you want to choose adjustable light source, should be appropriate to choose ordinary light bulbs.

Placement and maintenance

Floor lamps are generally placed in the lounge area of the living room, and sofas, coffee tables with, on the one hand, to meet the lighting needs of the region, on the one hand, to form a specific environmental atmosphere. Usually, floor lamps should not be placed next to tall furniture or in areas that impede activity. In addition, in the bedroom, floor lamps can also come in handy. For example, the reporter saw a model house, the bedroom is used to illuminate the floor lamp, forming a warm light environment.

When setting up lighting at home, floor lamps are the easiest part of the process. It can play a small area of the main light, but also through the different illumination and other light sources in the room with the change of light environment. At the same time, the floor lamp can also become a good decoration in the room with its own unique appearance. Therefore, the purchase of a beautiful, practical floor lamp is a basic task when arranging home lighting.

The key step in the maintenance of bamboo floor lamp is moisture, whether it is placed in the living room, or bathroom, bathroom lighting and kitchen stove lights, we must pay attention to good moisture, to prevent moisture invasion, prompting the lamps and lanterns corrosion damage or leakage short circuit, etc..

Cleaning and maintenance should be disconnected from the power supply first, while taking care not to change the structure of the lights, and do not casually replace the parts of the lights, after the end of cleaning and maintenance, the lights should be installed as is, do not miss, wrongly installed light parts, so as not to cause danger.

Lighting wipe is divided into several cases:

1, the usual cleanup with a clean chicken feather duster to gently brush away the dust, be very careful.

2, you can use a damp cloth to wipe clean, pay attention not to wipe to the power cord.

3, wipe with a dry cloth can be, do not get wet.

In the use of lights try not to frequently switch, because the lights in the moment of frequent start, the current through the filament are greater than the normal working current, making the filament temperature rise sharply to accelerate sublimation, which will greatly reduce its service life, this is also a point to note in the maintenance of all lights.

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