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We design, manufacture, and bring to market innovative bamboo pendant lights products and services. Xinsanxing corporation, founded in 2007, is a china indoor home lighting company. You focus on your sales without having to worry about the quality and price.24 hours service. Profession decoration light wholesale & custom solution.

 wholesale woven bamboo pendant light

  • Product name: Bamboo hanging lights
  • Model Number: NRL0002
  • Product Size: 30cm*30cm
  • Product Color: wood color & primary color
  • OEM/ODM: acceptable
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    From wicker baskets to bamboo lanterns, decorating with rattan items takes any space to the next level. Hang this Bamboo Pendant Lights on your dining table, kitchen bar, family or children's bedroom to add some warmth to your home. The uniquely designed lighting appearance brings fashionable and elegant lines. the hand-woven bamboo strip is simple and natural, making everything different.

    Welcome to visit our website to buy our high-quality bamboo hanging lights products and consult our professional customized lamp services. If you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us and we will help you at any time.

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    Product Information

    Product name: bamboo hanging lights
    Model Number: NRL0002
    Material: bamboo+metal
    Size: 30cm*30cm
    Color: wood color & primary color
    Finishing: Handmade
    Light source: Incandescent Bulbs
    Voltage: 110~240V
    Power of power supply: Electric
    Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
    Wire: Black wire
    Application: Living room, kitchen, dining room, corridor, office, entrance, bedroom, reading room, etc.
    MOQ: 100pcs
    Supply Ability: 5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
    Payment terms: 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
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  • XINSANXING Lighting is a professional supplier of woven chandeliers. Our main products include chandeliers, table lamps, recessed lamps and floor lamps made of bamboo and rattan.

    Our products have been launched in USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.
    Light up your life, our products are not only lighting accessories, but also decorative items. When you turn on the light, it will take you into a warm and happy home.

    Our tenet and principle:
    Good products, good materials, good technology. All products out of the factory are subject to strict safety control to ensure quality and safety.

    Provide the widest range of lighting products to meet your needs.

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    Why do bamboo chandeliers make people like them?

    Bamboo shades enhance the decor of living spaces and provide warmth for incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Each bamboo lamp is uniquely handcrafted. They emit a soft glow at night, giving your home a warm and inviting atmosphere.


    How to choose bamboo chandeliers for decoration?

    There are many ways to design bamboo chandeliers, you can choose bamboo chandeliers according to your own decorative style, all of which can be a fashionable topic or a perfect decoration for the room, depending on your own choice to make a good impression.


    How to maintain bamboo chandeliers?

    Avoid sunlight exposure and rain. Dust the bamboo lampshade with a rag. Wash and dry with low salt water.

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