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Lampshade is a piece of art for our home lighting, a good-looking lampshade can be decorated to any place, and our lampshade is beautiful, the application is hand-woven lampshade,hand-woven lighting is a kind of folk craft all over our country. Colorful, we are the best at bamboo lampshade, rattan lampshade with other weaveable materials to do the lampshade, below I will introduce our application of bamboo any production of lampshade.

bamboo weave lamp shade

Material selection for lampshade making

Bamboo lampshade bamboo material has natural light transmission, so in the selection of materials to consider the following issues: bamboo can generally be divided into three parts, namely the outermost bamboo green, the middle of the bamboo flesh, the inner layer of bamboo yellow. Bamboo green with skin light transmission is not strong, bamboo yellow hard and brittle is not easy to process, and the light is bamboo flesh also has problems, its density is thin and loose can not withstand later processing, so used as part of the lampshade, need to select the inner diameter of 8-13cm bamboo body middle 2mm part, that is, bamboo flesh and bamboo yellow connection surface that part. A bamboo has thick and thin, straight and curved, we will be the middle of the thick and thin, straight part of the raw materials used for lampshade, the remaining part and then take the materials for the production of lamp frame materials. We choose bamboo from the mountains, which has excellent flexibility to be used for weaving lamps.

how to weave lamp shade

Material handling for lampshade production

The bamboo is dried out in the sun, then dried out in the rain, then dried again, and then stored. When using, take a first scrape off the bamboo knots, bamboo hair, and then split in two, and then in the river or mill ditch soak, soak for two days and two nights, when the bamboo softened and fished out, then the bamboo flexibility is greatly improved, suitable for processing, and then cut into a proportionate thin strip with a scabbard knife, and then scrape light, can be used for weaving. Next, weaving. First, the two uniform thickness, length of the wooden stick curved, the middle of the stick cross stacked, through the square circle tied with wire, the four stick head placed to the four corners of the circle, made into a back bamboo stick (also known as back bamboo corner). Then woven from the bottom to the top.

how to weave lamp shade 1

Bamboo lampshade weaving methods

There are many ways to make lampshade, different weaving methods applied to different products will form a very beautiful artwork, the following are some of the weaving methods we often apply in making weave lampshade.

1, a jump a weave method: a pick a weave method is to first arrange the warp material, its weft material weave, bamboo gabions one on one staggered weave.

2, diagonal knitting method: this knitting method, is to arrange the warp material, the first weft material after weaving, the next weft material woven, must be spaced one after another, in accordance with the principle of two up and two down to knit.

3, zigzag braiding method: zigzag braiding method is also a kind of application of twill braiding method, it is time to focus on the center, the pattern to do a good up and down symmetry of a pressure three pick three braiding method.

4, trapezoidal braiding method: we also want to first arrange the warp material, weave the first weft material, in accordance with the six on two methods of weaving, the second in accordance with the five on three methods of weaving, the third in accordance with the four on four methods of weaving, the fourth in accordance with the three on five methods of weaving, the fifth in accordance with the six on two methods of weaving, and so on cycle of weaving.

5, triangle hole weaving method: we will first put a bamboo gabion at the bottom, a bamboo gabion in the middle, a bamboo gabion at their intersection, and then use six bamboo gabions to intersperse them respectively, in accordance with this method, in order to increase the bamboo gabions to weave them well.

6、Weave the end of the lampshade: the end is an indispensable auxiliary supplementary process, the purpose is to make the bamboo woven products more beautiful, delicate, smooth and durable.

how to weave lamp shade

There are more than 200 kinds of bamboo, such as light bamboo, water bamboo, cicada bamboo, rigid bamboo and mao bamboo. We use these different bamboo shades and lamps to create a variety of weaving techniques with different artistic characteristics, and after a special process, it also has the advantages of dry resistance, no deformation, no insects, water resistance, etc.

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