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Lighting is a necessary furniture for every family, modern people focus on lighting from practicality to appearance, new and different lighting is often easier to attract people's attention. And the appearance of a unique and practical shape of the lights, of course, is also people's first choice, I want to talk about today is the bamboo woven lights.

Weaving of bamboo and rattan lampwork

Bamboo and rattan lighting has regained the favor of the world with its natural material as material, smooth lines and rhythm of weaving. Whether in the home, or in hotels, courtyards, bars, its presence always improves the taste of the surrounding environment. The natural style of bamboo and rattan lamps and lanterns is a symbol of leisure life, which means close to nature, rustic but not too flashy, and the comfort and convenience it brings, making people unrestrained and free.

The weaving of bamboo and rattan lighting is also diverse, in the past the craftsmen will be many kinds of weaving, but due to changes in the times, some weaving methods failed to pass down, but this does not prevent people from moving forward, the traditional failed to pass down, but the craftsmen are also constantly innovating to meet people's pursuit of beauty.

Rattan and Bamboo lighting compared with other modern lighting, it is characterized by lightness and easy cleanup. In addition to its own vintage temperament, it uses plants as material so that your home can add a touch of greenery. Let it generate dust due to long placement, then you can take it outside and use the chicken feather Zenzi to clean it. Isn't it convenient and quick!

Decorative lamps and creative bamboo woven lights

The beauty of XINSANXING bamboo woven lampwork

Bamboo lighting from its name can be seen, it is a bamboo strip or bamboo pieces, etc. is some kind of bamboo, through the use of a wooden frame or other tools, coupled with manual weaving, you can complete a bamboo lamp, but if you see here think a good bamboo lighting is simple, then you are very wrong, after all, one of the most important steps is to weave, skilled teachers, weaving will have Belong to their own skills, woven products will be tighter, will not make people feel rough. Different ways of weaving lamp, the effect of weaving out is also different.

In this sweltering summer, don't you need a bamboo lamp to decorate your home? Let the home change, perhaps the entire state of the person will also change your oh, as the saying goes, jade nourishes people, bamboo woven lamp shade products well maintained can actually change a person's oh to some extent.

The factory is committed to inherit and promote the Chinese folk traditional handicraft, the use of natural environmental protection and renewable resources: bamboo, rattan and other materials, mining, hire a group of folk artisans, research and development and weave a series of art bamboo rattan lamps and lanterns suitable for the current needs of social life.

The products are widely used in B&B, tourist attractions, specialty restaurant chains, cultural towns, farms, teahouses, cafes, private high-end leisure clubs and other fields. If you have custom models, provide your style diagram and size, you can contact customer service or email us.

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Post time: Aug-04-2021