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Hand knitting. It is to use a common material and weave different items. Today we are going to talk about the rattan hand-woven items - rattan lampwork.

Looking at the different widths of a long rattan, you can not imagine that it will become a handmade product after weaving. And a qualified rattan handmade lighting, can not be separated from the rattan material, width and weaving techniques. Different width of the rattan woven out of the handmade lighting is different, even if the weave is the same, but its shape will also have a slight change.


Of course, the materials are available, but you can not weave, then it is not possible. A beautiful handmade rattan lampwork must have a master weaving skills to do. Otherwise you will obviously feel the quality of handmade goods and the law of weaving will have the difference between superior and inferior.

The following lamps are our old artisan woven rattan lamp products.

Good-looking lamps and lanterns of various kinds, interesting styles unique. The constant innovation of lighting, only for that unique existence. Would you like to have a lamp that is unique to you? If you have a lamp that you want to belong to yourself, then you can send us your ideas or drawings, we will do our best to weave for you and weave the lamp you want.

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Weave the style you want with your heart

The factory is committed to inherit and promote the traditional Chinese folk handicraft. Using natural and environmentally friendly renewable resources: bamboo, rattan and other materials, we have tapped and hired a number of skilled folk craftsmen to develop and weave a series of artistic bamboo lamp and rattan lamps and lanterns suitable for the needs of contemporary society;

The style of lighting is always changing quietly without you noticing. XINSANXING lighting is always innovating and developing new products for the betterment of you. XINSANXING Lighting is a supplier of rattan lamps We supply and manufacture a wide range of products, including pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, tabletop lamps, and woven shade lamps. We also create custom lighting fixtures for commercial and residential clients, creating a specific atmosphere for each client.

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Post time: Aug-13-2021