The rattan lamp factory tells you: how can custom rattan lamps be so expensive?

There are several reasons why rattan lamps can be expensive, mainly

1. better rattan lamps come from dealers, so the price will be higher.

2. Processing up more processes, nowadays rattan lamps have to go through a dozen processes such as steaming, drying, anti-mould, disinfection, sterilization and other complicating processes before they are finished.

3. Nowadays, good rattan lamps and lanterns are compiled by hand, with high labour costs.

The price of custom rattan lamps varies from style to style. Because rattan lamps are purely handmade products, the original processing procedures of rattan are quite complicated. It looks like a simple material, but the price is not simple. A rattan strip has to go through a variety of processes, including steaming, drying, colour bleaching, anti-mould, sterilisation and other processes. After rigorous processing, the rattan is flexible, breathable and natural in texture, and now the rattan is basically far gone in the cities and can only be picked from the mountains, which is also quite expensive. In terms of weaving because of the tedious process, generally experienced masters can only produce up to about 5-6 rattan lampshades per person per day. So the custom-made rattan lamp you see is not just a simple lamp, but a custom-made rattan lamp that combines many crafts and many techniques.

Why choose rattan lamps?

1. Rattan furniture is flexible, breathable, rattan furniture in a variety of styles, rattan lamps and lanterns do not contain formaldehyde, no pollution, advocate simplicity, natural life, is the lighting products in the environmental protection products. Than some metal lamps and lanterns have a few more light and flexible, fresh and natural, the most suitable for embellishing lighting decoration.

2. The main way to match the rattan lamp in primary colours is to take nature and leisure as the principle. When the main colour of the space is dark, the rattan lamps you buy can tend to coffee or dark brown; light-coloured homes can choose light or other colours of rattan lamps. These pale white, primary-coloured rattan lamps are more popular with young consumers.

3. Rattan lamps can be matched with modern elements such as solid wood, fabric and glass. When matching with other furniture, choose wood or metal furniture with the same simple shape but with a rich texture. In the study, dining room or living room, a simple and generous rattan table lamp can make the whole space warm and natural.

You may need these before your order

Cleaning of the rattan lamp

Rattan lamps are not easy to clean as they are dusty, so a damp soft cloth can be used to clean the surface. Use a paint brush or hoover to clean the dust between the crevices. Wipe the rattan furniture with light salt water to remove dirt and keep it flexible for a long time.

Post time: Nov-09-2022