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The bamboo lamp has a long history, it used to be a simple lamp made of special bamboo, nowadays, bamboo with this spiritual symbol has been developed and used in many ways, and it has been favored by designers to become a creative product combined with modern craftsmanship, not only in design reflecting the rich oriental aesthetics and cultural heritage, but also full of fashion.

Bamboo lamps inherit the rare bamboo hand-woven lampshades skills of the workshop, so the unique characteristics, but also a symbol of handicraft. Today, with the concept of environmental protection and energy-saving being highly respected, this natural and pure handmade bamboo lamp has been widely used in antique and high-end places as well as home decoration and is highly appreciated ......

Bamboo lamps with beautiful curves and various styles, including table lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps, lampshades, etc., classic and fashionable coexist, full of flavor!

Bamboo lampshade handmade lamp making

The bamboo used to make the bamboo lampshade is very delicate. The growth of bamboo is greatly influenced by light, so the bamboo at the top and bottom of the mountain cannot be used, so it is exclusively taken from the mountain. One or two years of young bamboo is not enough, at least 5 years of old bamboo. Like some light-transmitting bamboo lampshade, the basic is selected to grow more than 5 years of high-quality Nan bamboo. As it has to go through the process of planing, scraping, chipping and polishing, it must wait until the bamboo fiber grows tough enough to do so.
Selected for the light-transmitting lampshade bamboo, but also carefully selected. Generally bamboo can be divided into three parts: the outermost layer of the skin for the bamboo green, the middle for the bamboo flesh, the inner layer of bamboo yellow. As the bamboo green with skin cannot transmit light, the bamboo yellow is hard and brittle and not easy to process, while the bamboo flesh alone is also problematic, as its density is too thin to withstand the later steaming and baking. Therefore, for the lampshade, the middle 2 mm part of the bamboo body with an inner diameter of 8 cm to 13 cm, i.e. the part where the flesh and the yellow join, should be selected.

Determining the model of the lampshade
The first step is to determine the shape of the lampshade model and transform it into a bamboo lampshade. We can use a worn out or existing lampshade to make a model and then make it from bamboo pieces according to it.

How those design bamboo lamps are made 3 _ XINSANXING

Cut the bamboo piece according to the desired size
The size actually depends on what kind of lampshade you have in mind for the design. You can use a hand saw to cut the pieces. Make sure they are longer than the length of the shade. When cutting the bamboo pieces, you can cut all the pieces at once or at once. However, they must be exactly the same length. This makes it easier to install.

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Attaching the bamboo pieces to the lampshade
We can fix the bamboo pieces on the lampshade by punching the corresponding holes in the bracket of the lampshade. When punching the holes we have to calculate the length with a ruler to make sure that we keep evenly when connecting each bamboo piece. Once you put all the bamboo pieces inside the holes, you need to fix each piece to make sure it will not fall off.

How those design bamboo lamps are made

Decorating the lampshade
Use your imagination and creativity when decorating the woven lampshade. You can attach additional decorations that match the bamboo. Now that the task is complete, sit back and enjoy the cunning work.

The transparent bamboo filaments, together with the physiological structural qualities of bamboo itself, so it has natural light transmission, and then through the master's skillful weaving, it becomes a unique style of bamboo lampshade, with soft light transmission, light and warm.

How those design bamboo lamps are made

Make a Light DIY Bamboo Ceiling Lights

These bamboo lights want to convey the idea that understanding nature is not as simple as going into nature, but becoming similar to nature, solitary, simple, and slow. It is only after becoming similar to nature that we start a dialogue with nature.
The design of these pieces is inspired by nature or something natural.

The bamboo has to be cut in winter because it has less water and less sugar in winter, so it will be more stable and less prone to mold and deformation later; it must also be naturally grown bamboo, not artificially fertilized bamboo, because naturally grown bamboo is tough and fertilized ones are unstable and easy to break. Then to be drawn into silk, must also be right section, right section is, bamboo silk section are together, so that later with the material, you can simply remove the section, so that the product is beautiful, stable.

Then we make bamboo circles, we have to make them one by one by hand, and finally we make holes by hand, and the holes are very delicate, fast and slow.

Finally, we hand thread the silk. This is a fine job, you have to have the direction, angle, to wear out, or weave out perfect.

As for good-looking, mainly design, strengthen the traditional craft, and then the natural bamboo material itself light transmission, very good, so it is very beautiful

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