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First of all, let's understand the different materials of lamp shades to bring the decorative effect, cloth lampshades give a simple and elegant impression, paper lampshades can create a hazy and dreamy atmosphere, metal lampshades have a cold temperament and modern sense, while bamboo lampshades bring a nostalgic mood. In the bedroom we can choose bamboo lampshades, especially handmade bamboo lampshades, can bring a sense of softness to the room, adding intimate atmosphere; living room can choose linen or parchment material lampshades. Secondly, in the color with a little attention can be, white lampshade light penetration is better, you can match with the crystal base to create a crystal clear effect; black and colored relatively poor light penetration, can radiate light downward, so that the local light is stronger, you can match with the bronze base. Finally, according to the shape of the lamp base to choose the lampshade, if the lamp base is curved, then the lampshade should be selected accordingly with some curve style, the lamp base is flat and straight, choose a more regular lampshade, if the lamp base looks heavy, you can choose a conical lampshade to reduce the heaviness of this sense.

Bamboo lamp shades are available in all major shopping malls and department stores, or you can go to your city's lighting city, if it is too much trouble, you will measure the size, to buy the e-commerce platform, now online shopping is very convenient ah, you can come to our XINSANXING Lighting to buy. We have a full range of bamboo lampshades what style are available, most of them are carefully designed by designers, and the price is not expensive, you see how convenient it is to come.

For the lamp, you don't need to replace the whole lamp, just the exterior shade of the lamp. So want to change the environment to replace the lamp shade is a good choice. You can learn about us, we are a professional R & D production and sales of bamboo woven lamp, rattan woven lamp and other products of the enterprise. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Russia and many other countries and regions, support customization and wholesale, affordable prices.

Bamboo lampshade in the use of a period of time, not only dust cover, there is a long-term exposure to light, resulting in the loss of color, we can use these small methods, in the details to do the shade cleaning to extend the service life of the lampshade.

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Post time: Jul-01-2021