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The shadows of the bamboo peep into the darkness of the lamp, and the sound of the spring speaks long into the night.The small window has no dream to reach Gaotang.I am alone to draw three cups of long whistle and walk in the corridor.

The moon is cold, the lotus is fragrant with wind and dew.The silver décor under the west corner of the appendix.I would like to take a raft to the sky and see the cold light.

Bamboo Lamp
Watching art in all its forms

Bamboo lamps and lanterns

Mr. Dongpo has said: Better to eat without meat, not to live without bamboo. No meat makes people thin, no bamboo makes people vulgar.

Bamboo is straight, upright, green and lush, symbolizing elegance, resilience, modesty and temperament.Ancient and modern gardens almost garden bamboo,If you live in a house with bamboo, you will be able to enjoy the fragrance of the windows.Throughout history, bamboo has become the preference of many literati and elegant people.


In addition to its character, bamboo itself has many advantages: it is light, flexible, and strong and durable.

The bamboo used to make bamboo lamps is perfect. The growth of bamboo is greatly affected by light. Bamboo from the top and bottom of the mountain cannot be used, and bamboo from the middle of the mountain should be taken exclusively. One or two years of young bamboo is not enough, at least 5 years old bamboo is needed. Like some light-transmitting bamboo art lamps, they are basically made of high-quality nan bamboo grown for more than 5 years. Because to go through the planing, scraping, chipping, grinding and other links, you must wait until the bamboo fiber grows tough enough to do so.

Bamboo lamps and lanterns

There are spring bamboo and winter bamboo, and spring bamboo has high water content and high sugar content. Bamboo products made from spring bamboo are often moldy or insect-infested within 2 years.

Winter bamboo has very little water and low sugar content, so it is not easy to grow insects, and it has a tight structure and is durable.

Bamboo lamps and lanterns

Bamboo age is even more delicate, 3-5 years old bamboo curved bamboo, flexible and difficult to break. 2 years of newborn bamboo, toughness is not enough easy to deformation; and more than 6 years old bamboo, rough texture easy to break.

Therefore, 3-5 years old bamboo is used as raw material. The bamboo fiber at this stage of age is of particularly good quality, tough and hard to break, which makes it very suitable for making bamboo lamps with complicated processes.

Bamboo lamps and lanterns

Good bamboo, only in the hands of a good bamboo art master, can show its ancient and simple elegant style.

Each lamp is painstakingly polished by the craftsman through more than 10 hand-made processes, such as "sawing, rolling, cutting, splitting, drawing and weaving", and the finished product is as elegant as a jade carving.

Bamboo art master craftsmanship. The bamboo lamps is "bright as jade, flat as water, soft as silk", and the light penetrates evenly after lighting, and the light is comfortable and soft, which can make the restless body and mind gradually return to peace and calm.

Bamboo lamps

Light a lamp, make a pot of tea, read a book.In the soft light, wash away the physical and mental fatigue, enjoy an elegant poetic life.

In Tokyo, Japan, you can also see small bamboo lanterns full of oriental culture on the road.

The warm yellow woven light warms the heart and naturally surprises the scene, like candlelight lighting the way home.Different shaped parts form different shapes of light, and the bamboo is regularly arranged to form a chandelier.

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Bamboo lamps

Bamboo Lighting

It is not just a lamp

It is also a beautiful piece of art

It is also a medicine to soothe the body and mind when tired

Mediates the restless mood

Light up the dull life

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