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Su Shi, a famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty of China, once expressed this idea: I would rather have no meat in the food than bamboo in the place where you live. No meat might make people thin, no bamboo can lead people to become tacky soul. Bamboo is straight and firm, with a green color that makes everyone who see it feel very comfortable. Bamboo symbolizes the qualities of elegance, tenacity, modesty, and measure. In the long history of China, bamboo has been planted in almost all courtyards. Just think about it, you open the window, and the comfortable bamboo that immediately appears in front of you, the fragrance of bamboo floating in and out of the courtyard. Throughout the ages, "the commendable thing is that the ambition of the human heart is gradually growing like a bamboo." This idea has become the preference of many literary and artistic youths and elegant gentlemen.

The beauty of bamboo lamps, elegant and poetic,Bamboo lamps

In addition to the character of bamboo, bamboo itself also has many advantages: light weight, strong flexibility, and extremely durable.

The beauty of bamboo lamps, elegant and poetic,Bamboo lamps

We are very particular about the bamboo planting as the raw material of the natural series of lamps and lanterns. The growth of bamboo is mainly affected by the light, so the bamboo at the top and foot of the mountain cannot be used, and the bamboo at the half of the mountainside is specially used. Bamboos that are one or two years old cannot be included in our material list for the time being. They must be high-quality phoebe bamboos that have been grown for more than five years and are healthy. After planing, scraping, cutting, grinding and other process steps, the final quality inspection requirement is: the bamboo fiber needs to be tough enough so that the bamboo can finally enter the material warehouse and wait for the next stage of the process.

The beauty of bamboo lamps, elegant and poetic,Bamboo lamps

The process of choosing light-permeable bamboo and using it in the making of the lampshade is even more carefully selected. Generally, bamboo can be divided into three parts: the outermost skin, called bamboo green, has a greenish skin, which has poor light transmittance. The innermost layer is bamboo inner skin, which is hard and brittle in texture and difficult to process. The middle layer is bamboo meat, whose density is sparse and cannot withstand the later cooking and baking. Therefore, for the part of the lampshade, we need to select the part 2 mm in the middle of the bamboo body with an inner diameter of 8 cm to 13 cm, that is, the part of the continuous surface of the bamboo meat and the bamboo inner skin.

The beauty of bamboo lamps, elegant and poetic,Bamboo lamps

The transparent bamboo silk, coupled with the physiological structure characteristics of the bamboo itself, has natural light transmittance. Because of this, it has been known as "thin as paper, bright as jade, flat as water, and soft as silk" since ancient times. Then through the master's skillful weaving, it becomes a unique style of bamboo lamp, soft light transmission, elegant and warm.

The beauty of bamboo lamps, elegant and poetic,Bamboo lamps

The bamboo lamps made of bamboo, even if a uniform thickness of bamboo roots exposed, but still can not go beyond the ordinary lamps with the United States, because of its natural beauty, simplicity, poetic, it is refreshing!

Bamboo beautiful light curve, diverse styles, including table lamps, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, classic and fashion co-exist, full of flavor!

The beauty of bamboo lamps, elegant and poetic,Bamboo lamps

The bamboo lamp inherits the craftsmanship of bamboo hand weaving, which is rare in the hand workshop, so it has unique characteristics and is also a symbol of folk handicrafts. Today, as the concepts of environmental protection and energy saving are highly respected, this kind of natural handmade bamboo lamp has been widely used in antique and high-end places and home decoration, and is very popular...

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Bamboo lamp.

It's not just a lamp.

Also an exquisite artwork.

Also a good medicine to soothe the body and mind when tired.

Mediated the impetuous mood.

Light up the ordinary life.

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