Rattan lamp manufacturers tell you: what to look for in a custom rattan lamp

In the process of customizing the rattan lamp, we need to consider whether its style, design structure, design style and its material are in line with the overall style. We must pay attention to the relevant matters when customizing the rattan lamp so that we can reduce unnecessary waste of time. With the ever-changing preferences of consumers, there is also a demand for personalized products, and in the lighting market industry, there is also a group of manufacturers who provide professional custom lighting services, providing personalized customization to meet the high demand standards. But there are many problems in the customization process.

Rattan lamp material issues

We are in the process of selecting custom rattan lamps and lanterns manufacturer, for which the rattan used in the lamps and lanterns need special attention. Because although the shape of the lamps and lanterns can be customized according to our preferences, but the material used to manufacture the lamps and lanterns is often determined by the manufacturer, so we choose the manufacturer to choose a strong strength, so as to ensure that the material used in the lamps and lanterns is durable.

The issue of payment from both sides

There are many friends do not understand the manufacturer's payment method issues, in fact, this is also we need to understand. Generally in the industry practice, is not required to pay in full, will choose to pay thirty percent of the deposit in advance, and the remaining balance often after getting the goods to pay. This is also to ensure that the goods are not good, a greater guarantee of our interests.

After-sales service issues of the manufacturer

About the after-sales service of custom rattan lamps and lanterns, it is also an issue that we need to understand when we select a custom lamp manufacturer. Because the lamps and lanterns belong to fragile goods, it is easy to appear in the process of transport damage phenomenon, this time with a perfect after-sales service can ensure our interests, if a custom lamps and lanterns manufacturer does not have this service, this time will undoubtedly appear more troublesome impact.

Maintaining adequate communication and communication with the manufacturer is a necessary condition to ensure perfect customization of rattan lamps. The characteristics of the target group of lamp customization make the market segment of lamp decoration full of force. Compared to the current market share of furniture customization, lamp customization is still in the pioneering stage. With the rapid development of the economy, this business will be the future lighting market dominant.

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Post time: Nov-11-2022