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Rattan table lamps give people the first feeling of monotony and antiquity, in modern home life, brought to us is a primitive low-key, even the original a realm. So what should we pay attention to in the wholesale rattan table lamps?

What to know before wholesale rattan table lamps

1. Materials used for rattan table lamps

The material of rattan can be divided into artificial imitation rattan and natural rattan. Indoor rattan lighting products can be made of natural rattan. In contrast, rattan patio lamps are usually made of synthetic imitation rattan material. Lamps made of imitation rattan are suitable for outdoor settings because the synthetic imitation rattan material is not afraid of the weather.

2. Rattan table lamp colors

Before choosing wholesale rattan table lamps, it is also important to consider the color schemes that are popular nowadays. This will make the rattan table lamps more competitive in the market.

3. Choose the size of the table lamp

Before wholesale rattan table lamps (or any table lamps), consider the size of the lamp you choose. If you are thinking of a bedside lamp, some table lamps may be too large. However, if you want one lamp to illuminate the whole room, choose some rattan table lamps with larger sizes.

4. Cost of wholesale rattan table lamps

Wholesale rattan table lamps at XINSANXING Lighting are a great deal because we manufacture them ourselves and sell them wholesale directly from the factory, without middlemen, which can save a lot of money.

Which rattan table lamp is the best?

Rattan table lamps are great bedside lamps or desk lamps. Rattan lamps are usually hand-woven from natural materials. This means that each of them is unique. These lamps may have a rattan base or shade, but usually not both. If you are looking for a simple and stylish rattan table lamp, check out XINSANXING's woven rattan table lamps. Our wholesale rattan table lamps can bring style to any bedroom or living room.Of course. We also support custom lighting services, so if you have a new suspicious lighting idea, we can help you with that too.

Nowadays, the rattan table lamps with added fashion elements have completely faded away from the original, understated image, giving the impression of mostly elegance, atmosphere, and a feeling of relaxation and leisure. Under the modern craft packaging rattan lamps show a unique charm. It adds a sense of liveliness and caters to the needs of contemporary consumers, and is more suitable for all kinds of people of all levels to select and use in various venues.

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Post time: Sep-23-2022