The process of custom lighting fixtures explained

Lighting customization process is different from the market shopping for lamps and lanterns, custom lighting fixtures are mainly divided into the following steps.

1Participate in the preliminary work of lighting customization, and communicate with the designer about the production intention.

2, communication to master the product requirements and considerations.

3, program details communication to provide product quotes, determine the program under the production order.

4Sign an order contract and pay a deposit

5Designer will draw production drawings and tell you the product refinement and structural design.

6The customer reviews the production drawings and confirms the colour and structure design drawings.

7Modification and confirmation of samples.

8Enter the production stage.

9Product production is completed, inspection at the factory (or send product photos to confirm).

10Final confirmation by the customer, payment of the balance.

11On-time delivery via logistics.

12Archiving, after-sales service.

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Things to look for in the bespoke lighting process

1, Lamps need to be customized with full contact and communication between the designer, to inform the designer of their interests and style characteristics, so that the designer will develop a reasonable customization plan for lamps according to the actual situation.

2, examine the production process of the lamps and lanterns, and communicate with consumers about the current trend.

3, pay attention to the custom-made lamps and lanterns in line with the colour changes and visual changes.

4, for dissatisfaction can ask the designer to change until satisfied.

5, After the completion of the custom-made lamps and lanterns, product quality testing will be carried out.

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Post time: Oct-28-2022