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It is important to choose a suitable bamboo lamp, different styles and sizes of bamboo lamps bring different effects. That bedroom bamboo lamp dimensions how to choose it? The next step will take you to understand it.

In the bedroom lighting decoration lamp is to fill the room with light, and the right bamboo lamp shape design can not only add light and color, but also can make the room more beautiful. Small bedroom is generally not big, in about 10-15 square meters, this time the bamboo lamp does not need too big. The diameter of 30 cm bamboo chandelier has been able to meet the needs of life, bamboo lamp dimensions too large because of the small space to bring a sense of oppression. When choosing a bamboo lamp for this smaller bedroom, the bigger the better, the more comfortable is the best.

When the bedroom area is a little larger, reaching about 15-20 square meters. This time the chandelier can also correspondingly increase a little, choose 50 cm bamboo lamp can also be used as an attempt. But do not have to stick to the specific size, different household types, even if the indoor space area has been large enough to give people a different visual space.

When it comes to bedrooms of about 20-30 square meters, the size of the Bamboo pendant lamp chosen increases a bit more. A bamboo light fixture that reaches a diameter of 70 cm is usually sufficient. When the diameter of the fixture is bigger, the more complex the shape of the bamboo chandelier may be. Of course, this size is not constant, if you like the hazy artistic beauty, the bamboo chandelier does not have to be particularly bright and large in size. If you prefer a brighter feeling, then a slightly larger, better lighting effect bamboo chandelier can also be chosen.

When it comes to bedrooms with an area of 30 square meters or more, this time the choice of chandeliers can be considered larger bamboo chandeliers with a diameter of about 1 meter. The area of the house is sufficient, for the decoration of lighting also requires more exquisite. In the choice of bamboo lamp diameter bamboo lamps can be more beautiful, atmosphere, beautiful, but also can have a beautiful and complex shape design.

In addition to the size of the bedroom to choose the size of the lamp according to the size of the bedroom, but also consider the impact of the decoration style. Bamboo lamp to choose what size? Different decoration styles also have different requirements for the lamp. For example, Chinese classical bamboo lamp, this kind of lamp design is simple, more light source and lampshade composition. Such a bamboo chandelier design would not require a large diameter design. And bohemian style lighting bamboo chandeliers and different, chandeliers are mostly gorgeous temperament, workmanship, in the installation of the space requirements are also higher. Bamboo chandelier size generally does not exceed one-sixth of the room area, of course, not too small, or choose to install more bamboo lamps.

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Post time: Nov-04-2021