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Bamboo lighting, also known as bamboo fixtures, its material is conceivably "bamboo".

Bamboo has its own unique natural grain, its texture can be clearly visible, giving people a rustic, fresh and elegant feeling. Now add modern elements of bamboo lighting, not only can make the ancient craft began to glow "new luster", but also low-carbon environmental protection, natural quiet.

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But the bamboo woven lampwork cleaning and maintenance way, do you have whether you know it?

1. bamboo woven products in the maintenance of the two extremes of high humidity and high temperature to avoid, as far as possible, do not put in the cold and damp and sun exposure.

2. clean up, you can first use a chicken duster or vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface of the bamboo lamps and lanterns.

3. bamboo woven lamps and lanterns surface texture is fine, so the surface is easy to accumulate dust. So the woven lamp surface can be gently wiped with a soft rag, and the dust between the crevices can be cleaned with a paint brush or vacuum cleaner. Do not use cleaning agents or solvents that destroy bamboo and rattan.

4. bamboo woven lighting and lanterns stains, available light salt water wipe.

Did you get the way to clean the bamboo woven lampwork?

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Post time: Aug-24-2021