Professional manufacturer of woven lighting fixtures, 15 years of experience in manufacturing and developing lamp products

The company has been established since more than 15 years of professional lighting industry manufacturing and development experience, the effectiveness of new ideas workplace for us to provide and improve the efficiency of our partners.Equipped with independent showroom and production workshop and assembly workshop, we have complete production equipment to provide good product service for our customers.

Customized Products with Diverse Styles-Custom Lighting Manufacturers

XINSANXING as a manufacturer and wholesale supplier means we have a large range of products that can be manufactured and produced. Our products range from decorative lights made of natural materials to a wider range of styles based on design trends and popularity. You can choose as many different products as you need and have them designed and manufactured by us. Or you can tell us about your lighting ideas and our design experts have brilliant ideas to help bring your ideas to life. Just ask and we’ll always be happy to provide you with a full range of services, including fabrication and custom design consultation.

About Us

Huizhou Xinsanxing Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, located in Huizhou Zhongkai National High-tech Zone. We are now specializing in natural material lighting.
At the beginning of establishment, we focused on shades development and production , and expanded production line in 2015 to produce indoor home lighting. Later in 2019, in response to the national  “green water and green mountains, is the silver mountain of gold” concept of environmental protection, we have an insight into product direction, to focus on the production of natural materials, like bamboo, rattan, wood, grass, plant hemp, etc.
After 3 years of exploration , our factory developed and produced a variety of categories of natural material lighting products, which exported to North  America, Europe, Africa and some Asian countries. Finally, won the unanimous praise of overseas customers. Over 10 years steady development help us improve our certain core competitiveness.

Now we have our own production base, design team and patented products. We can provide services such as lamp design, sample making, OEM/ODM processing and production. We are always willing to discuss bigger marketing and PR partnership.

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Professional manufacture/design of natural material lighting

XINSANXING is committed to green development, using natural and environmentally friendly materials to create a natural and fresh way of lighting, as well as having the ability to customize and manufacture lighting fixtures reliably. It is our ambition to be a unique green lighting manufacturer, and we do our best to use natural and environmentally friendly materials to manufacture and deliver our lighting products in a more sustainable way. In addition to high quality natural material-based lighting products and custom solutions, we also wholesale, supply and manufacture other lighting products. A way to reduce your carbon footprint. Check out the natural material-based lamps designed and manufactured by our eco-friendly friends!


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Quality is guaranteed

XINSANXING has obtained factory ISO9001 and BSCI certifications, CE and RoHS product certifications for European market demand, and ETL product certifications for North American market demand. Scientific quality management system, and with new and diverse styles, competitive prices and quality services have won the support and affirmation of our customers.