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Table lamps can last for years in good working condition. But there will be times when they may need to be rewired. A table lamp rewiring light is a simple project that will give your lamp a new look and make it safer to use.

Tools for rewiring table lamps.

1.wire stripper 2. utility knife pliers 3. screwdriver 4. lamp rewiring kit 5. electrical tape 6. replacement power cord, plug or socket.

Step 1: Disconnect the power

Before proceeding, make sure you have unplugged the desk lamp. to ensure that you can work in a safe environment.

Step 2: Remove the lampshade and bulb

First remove the lamp shade of the lamp, squeeze the harp and lift it from the base. The metal socket has a cardboard insulator to prevent vibration. Pull the cover upward and tilt it slightly. Here you can access the power cord and switch. The plastic socket cover can be unscrewed from the base. Pull the cover and insulator out of the socket and you can see the insulator inside the cover. Note the color of the terminals on the switch. Brass is used for the wire and silver for the neutral wire.

Step 3: Cut the power cord

Cut the old wires and separate the cords. You may need to use wire cutters to split the power cord. Flip the lamp over and unscrew the nut on the bottom of the lampholder. Pull the cord upward and remove the old socket. Pull the power cord out of the bottom of the fixture.

Step 4: Install the new power cord

Pull the new power cord into the light. Push the cord at the bottom as you gently pull from the top. Pull the rest of the cord up and cut it under the connector. Detach the new power cord and pull it apart (you may need wire cutters). Check the polarity markings on the power cord. Bend the other wire under the first wire, then over the wire and through the loop of the first wire. Next you tighten it up. Push it back into the socket base and tighten it again.

Step 5: Reassemble the socket and light

Trim and strip the wires. Trim them as short as possible and still be able to strip them. There is not much room under the socket. If the wires are twisted, twist the wires so they don't come apart when you tighten the screws. Bend the wires so they wrap clockwise around the screws. All strands of the wire must be under the screw when tightening. Replace the cover and insulator. Make sure the cardboard insulator is fully secured in the base. If the ends of the wires are not exposed, strip them with wire strippers. Connect the exposed wires to the terminals of the new socket. Use a screwdriver to screw the wires into the terminals.

Replace the harp and install the bulb and shade

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