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Rattan lampshade table lamp    Small rattan lamp

  • Model Number: NRL0248
  • Product Size: 30cm * 30cm
  • OEM/ODM: Acceptable
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    Rattan Table Lamp


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    Rattan lamp shade table lamp made by China table lamp factory

    XINSANXING unique and beautiful Small Rattan Table Lamp is made of rattan grown in nature with a beautiful oval design. High-quality natural rattan with good softness and light transmission. Universal E27 lamp head screw port, easy to install, suitable for a variety of light sources, rattan hand-woven, simple and atmospheric appearance, will make your house more beautiful. The natural color design will make it more eye-catching. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor, dining room, bedroom, cafe, and business or home use, making it look more personalized.

    Natural rattan hand-woven around an iron frame for the table lamp shade. For an artistic decoration, this lampshade is a good choice.

    XINSANXING is a supplier of rattan lamps We supply and manufactures a wide range of products, including pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, tabletop lamps, and woven shade lamps. We also create custom lighting fixtures for commercial and residential clients, creating a specific atmosphere for each client.

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    Product Information

    Product name: rattan lamp shades table lamps
    Model Number: NRL0248
    Material: rattan+metal
    Size: 30cm*30cm
    Color: As photo
    Finishing: Handmade
    Light source: Incandescent Bulbs
    Voltage: 110~240V
    Power of power supply: Electric
    Certification: ce, FCC, RoHS
    Wire: Black wire
    Application: Living Room, Home.hotel.Restaurant
    MOQ: 10pcs
    Supply Ability: 5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
    Payment terms: 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
    Small Rattan Table Lamp
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  • Add warmth and light to any space with a small rattan table lamp. Rattan table lamps help set the right ambiance for every type of room. They are perfect for a table at your bedside or for your living room. Depending on your decorating style, go from modern to bohemian, or go rustic with a farmhouse style lamp.

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    We bring you a wide selection of products. Separately, we offer goods and services that meet the requirements of each customer. When it comes to buying Rattan Table Lamp, we are certainly your best choice.

    Enjoy great savings, discounts and great value on price and quality when you buy Rattan Table Lamp from XINSANXING. We add new products regularly to keep you up to date with the latest developments and designs. to help you maximize your income.

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    What is a table lamp?

    A table lamp is a lamp with a base that is generally placed on a table, but with the advancement of technology, the appearance and shape of table lamps are also evolving, and gradually there are magnetic table lamps that can be adsorbed in any position, which are small and delicate and easy to carry. The role of the lamp is mainly lighting, easy to read, study, work, etc. The lamp has gone far beyond its own value, and has even become an artwork.


    What is the typical size of a table lamp?

    The general height of the table lamp is 30-36 inches, more suitable for the average size of the study table or bedside, you can also change the size of the lamp according to the proportion of the table.


    What are the classifications of table lamps?

    The classification of table lamps are: square shade type table lamp, round ball type table lamp, pointed flat round type table lamp, half round ball type table lamp, half flat ball type table lamp, small rectangular shade type table lamp rattan table lamp, etc.


    What are the characteristics of table lamps?

    Rattan table lamps have the following main features: 1. full of fashion and elegance. 2. anti-parsimony, advocate nature. 3. colorful, warm and elegant. 4. focus on energy saving, economical and practical.

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