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We offer the basket weave bamboo pendant lamps in bulk. Import products from prequalified supplier at factory wholesale price in china. Get live quotes now! Quality bamboo lamps supplier & manufacture in china, contact now!

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  • Product name: Bamboo pendant lamp
  • Model Number: NRL0018
  • Product Size: 30cm*19cm
  • Product Color: As photo
  • OEM/ODM: acceptable
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    Woven from select bamboo materials, our exclusive Basket Weave Bamboo Pendant Light features a striking basket weave texture and its open design shines warm ambient light into the room. Pair this chic shade with any of our wire pendant kits to create a custom look that's ready to illuminate a room. It is handmade from natural materials. It is green and does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It is suitable for a variety of lighting situations, combining a variety of home and commercial decor.

    The hand-woven bamboo chandelier combines quality materials, traditional craftsmanship and elegant and stylish design to make all the difference with its simple and natural look. It not only has lighting effect but also has good decoration effect.

    Looking for bamboo chandeliers that are going to be as unique as you and your style? Contact us to find a custom pendant light fixture that fits your design personality.

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    Product information

    Product name: bamboo pendant lamp
    Model Number: NRL0018
    Material: bamboo+metal
    Size: 30cm*19cm
    Color: As photo
    Finishing: Handmade
    Light source: Incandescent Bulbs
    Voltage: 110~240V
    Power of power supply: Electric
    Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS
    Wire: Black wire
    Application: Living Room, Home. hotel.Restaurant
    MOQ: 5pcs
    Supply Ability: 5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
    Payment terms: 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
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  • Why do we like bamboo chandeliers?

    Because bamboo chandeliers are environmentally friendly, stylish and practical, they are a great choice for almost any home. It can also create a sophisticated feel and create a novel look for a room.

    How to choose the perfect bamboo chandelier?

    When considering which bamboo chandelier is right for you, placement is the most important factor to consider. Chandeliers are relatively small fixtures, but that doesn’t mean they can be placed anywhere. If you’re looking for a lighting solution for a small space, choose a small bamboo chandelier. If you want to illuminate a large space, a large bamboo chandelier in the shape of a drum or sphere will fit the space perfectly. Remember to decide where and how to use them first before making your choice.

    What are the most popular shapes and styles of bamboo chandeliers?

    Bamboo is a pliable material that lends itself to a variety of applications, especially lighting. Bamboo chandeliers come in shapes ranging from simple spheres to fresh and interesting drums. For something very unique and eye catching, look for a bamboo chandelier that resembles a drum shape, the unusual shape and intricate pattern will create visual interest.

    The best decor to go with bamboo chandeliers?

    One of the best things about bamboo chandeliers is their ability to blend in with a variety of different decorating styles. Bamboo lamps allow you to bring a natural and appealing texture to the decor of your home. Use them to add a soft, subtle presence to a minimalist home, creating a space that feels relaxing yet sophisticated. Whether you decide to continue using this organic lighting scheme throughout your home or limit it to a specific space, you’ll reap the benefits of a unique lighting solution.

    Why do we love bamboo chandeliers?

    Bamboo Chandeliers They are made from super sustainable bamboo, and they are delicately handcrafted with interesting textures, fresh patterns and stylish shapes. Giving a relaxed and comfortable feel, bamboo chandeliers are the perfect choice for a variety of homes, from cozy coastal cottages to simple and sophisticated homes, and are a charming light fixture.

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