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How to choose a chandelier, first take the height of the room and multiply it by 2.5 or 3.

Chandeliers are the most obvious decoration to reflect the style of your home and the most impressive to others. A good chandelier can best complement the overall style of the home, so it is important to choose the right chandelier. How do you choose a chandelier? Check out the four tips I've introduced to you on how to buy chandeliers.

1. According to the space to choose

In how to buy chandelier skills, the most important thing is to choose a chandelier according to the size of the space, which is also a prerequisite for the selection of chandeliers. Usually we will choose a chandelier as the main light when arranging lamps and lanterns, in conjunction with spotlights, table lamps, floor lamps and other auxiliary lamps and lanterns, so as to ensure that the lighting effect to be achieved under different needs, so in this case, it is necessary to understand the height and area of the space.

First of all, we have to know the net height of the house, here we should pay attention to the net height is not the height of the house itself, but the height after the ceiling, usually the height of the living room in more than 3 meters, you can choose a relatively large chandelier, this chandelier is more gorgeous, the decorative effect is particularly good, can increase the sense of luxury in the room. Height between 2.7 meters ~ 3 meters, then choose the height of the bamboo chandelier within 50cm, looks more stylish. Determine the height we then consider the area, the area is well understood, the space is relatively large to choose a larger chandelier, thus ensuring that the space is well-lit, and relatively small space, choose a small volume, simple chandelier shape, more highlight the bright and generous space.

2. According to the color temperature selection pendant lamp

The second technique of how to buy chandeliers is to choose chandeliers according to color temperature, color temperature refers to the color of the light source, different color temperature will give people a very different feeling. High color temperature of the light source color is cold, it will appear that the room is relatively cold, if the living room is always very light, suitable for choosing this color temperature of the chandelier, can play a neutralizing effect. Low color temperature light source color is warm, in this kind of light objects will also become yellow, this light source is not recommended in the main part of the chandelier, seems not enough atmosphere.

3. According to the style selection pendant lights

The third technique of how to buy chandeliers is to choose chandeliers according to style. Chandeliers can not only provide lighting, but also decorative role. Chandeliers usually play a role in the overall decoration, so the style of lamps and lanterns to have consistency with the decorative style. The layout and shape of the lamps can not be separated from the overall design style, if the home is a European style suitable for crystal chandeliers; Chinese style decoration suitable for bamboo chandeliers or square round chandeliers; if the home has iron furniture suitable for the selection of woven creative chandeliers. When choosing a chandelier can not jump out of the overall style to choose then lamps, so with out will also be incestuous.

4. According to the cleaning problem to choose the pendant lamp

Chandeliers for a long time will certainly have dust, chandeliers because the location is relatively high, and is not convenient to often clean, but do not clean the accumulated dust will very much affect the lighting effect, all kinds of circumstances to choose an easy to clean the chandelier is more important. When we buy living room chandeliers, we can choose the lamp shade downward lamps and lanterns, not easy to accumulate dust, and choose the best structure of the lamps and lanterns is relatively simple, easy and convenient disassembly, so that when doing daily cleaning and maintenance will save a lot of trouble.

These are the four tips on how to choose a pendant light, a good pendant light can enhance the interior decoration lighting effect. I hope you read my introduction can not have to worry about how to choose chandeliers for living room pendant lights.

Post time: Jan-11-2022