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Many people now have a floor lamp or two at home. Because the floor lamp gives a person an elegant, warm feeling. It is a more common kind of auxiliary lighting, so it is liked by many families. Although the floor lamp is relatively simple, but there are certain assembly steps, rather than random assembly. Do you know how to assemble the floor lamp? If you are not sure, take a look at the following article.

1.Preparation before installation

Installation before carefully read the installation drawings and the product specifications of the floor lamp, and prepare the common things for the installation of lamps and lanterns, such as hammer number, flat Phillips screwdriver. Do not confuse after unpacking the parts, such as similar parts more, the general drawings will draw a comparative chart to mark out the parts that are not used.

2.Pre-assembly check

Before installation, check the floor lamp accessories and other various conditions, such as floor lamp panels have been damaged, you can contact the merchant to make up the parts. All the screws, painful parts, wood shaft to install the local, will open a good guide hole, the positioning of the parts do not worry about. Do not get on the wrong parts and then repeatedly screwed together, or easy to damage the plate, installed also often presented unstable, skewed and other phenomena.

How to assemble a floor lamp

A gorgeous floor lamp from our floor lamp manufacturer, it can be easily added to any room. It is also easy to assemble, requiring only the following steps.

Screw the upper lamp post into the middle lamp post.

Screw the middle lamp post into the lower lamp post.

Screw the bottom lamp post into the lamp post base.

Push the bulb protection ring onto the bulb connector first, then push the shade protection ring and shade retainer ring onto the shade. Place the lamp shade on the lamp shade retaining ring bracket and tighten.

Screw the bulb into the bulb connector.

3.Assemble floor lamp

General floor lamp should have a cast iron chassis, slightly smaller than the scale of the surface base, the black plastic cap should be used to fix the lamp shade fasteners, from the bottom to the order of spare parts should be: chassis fastening nut, cast iron chassis, base, lamp rod, lamp head, lamp shade, plastic fasteners, light bulbs.

Floor lamp pole out of the power cord through the chassis fastening nut, cast iron chassis, base, and then connected to the power cord and terminal block, the chassis should have a concave position to be able to extend the power cord.

Here we are reminded that the floor lamp power cord, etc. must be handled, for one thing, electrical safety issues, and secondly, walking around the home interior is not easy to trip over people.

4.Testing after assembly is completed

After the installation of the floor lamp to simply test, power on the switch to check the status, whether it can work properly, whether the screws are screwed in place, there is no loose, etc..

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Post time: Apr-14-2022