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Floor lamp is our normal home life lighting decorative items, but in addition to its decorative nature, he also plays a role in how to protect the eyes, at this point, the height of the floor lamp selection has become a very important point, the height of the floor lamp should be how to choose it?

Floor lamp generally how high - the height of the floor lamp selection

Generally speaking its height is 58 to 64 inches high, the shade diameter of 16 to 19 inches, using 60-watt incandescent bulbs.

Medium-sized floor lamps are generally medium-sized floor lamps with a height of 55 to 60 inches high. Shade size is 12 to 16 inches in diameter.

Small floor lamp general total height of 50 to 55 inches high or 45 inches high between the shade diameter of 9 to 12 inches, using 60 watts or 75 watts, 100 watts of incandescent bulbs.

Floor lamp is generally composed of shade, bracket, base three parts, its shape is upright, beautiful. The shade of the floor lamp requires simple and generous, decorative. Some people like to hand-prepare lampshades, like the use of natural materials for large lampshades, very interesting. The bracket of the floor lamp is mostly made of metal, spun wood or using natural forms of materials. The choice or production of the bracket and base must match well with the lampshade and not appear to be out of proportion.

Floor lamp generally how high - the appropriate height floor lamp installation method

1, read the installation drawings carefully before installation, and prepare common tools, such as flat Phillips screwdriver, hammer, etc. After unpacking the parts it is best not to confuse, if there are more similar parts, the drawings will draw a physical size comparison chart, the parts not used to fork, very easy to distinguish the various parts.

2,If you find that the lamp is damaged during inspection, you can contact the merchant for replacement. The place where the screws, eccentric parts and wooden shafts are to be installed will be opened to guide the holes, so don't worry about the positioning of the parts. It should be noted that do not happen on the wrong parts and then repeatedly screwed together, otherwise it is easy to damage the lamps, installed also often appear unstable, tilt and other phenomena.

The above introduction of floor lamps and floor lamps suitable height installation is these, I believe that we understand the installation of floor lamps after the introduction, the installation of what height is suitable for their own, it is clear, I hope the above content can help you better choose the height of the floor lamp, so as to protect the eyes of the family.

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