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Floor lamps are generally composed of a lampshade, a bracket, and a base. Accessories such as wires and bulbs are necessary for the lamp to work properly. Floor lamps are mainly used for local lighting for the room, but also has a decorative role for the home environment. The location of the placement can not be placed in the area of frequent activities.

Floor lamps are generally arranged in the living room and rest area, with sofas, coffee tables with the use to meet the needs of the room local lighting and decorative interior environment. But be careful not to be placed next to tall furniture or in areas that impede activity.

Below is an overview of the different types of floor lamps available in terms of design. Some lights will provide a shelf in the middle of the column, while others will provide adjustable height columns.

Classification of floor lamps 

Floor lamps are usually divided into up-illuminated floor lamps and direct-illuminated floor lamps.

1, up illuminated floor lamp: the light of the lamp shines on the ceiling and then diffused down, evenly spread in the room. This "indirect" lighting, softer light, small eye irritation can also be relaxed to a certain extent. Now popular in some modern minimalist home design, the use of such lamps is quite common.

2, direct illumination floor lamp: when buying and selling, we should pay attention to the lower edge of the lampshade is preferably lower than the eyes, so as not to make the eyes feel discomfort due to the irradiation of the light bulb. In addition, the contrast of indoor light will increase the load on the eyes, try to choose a dimmable floor lamp. When using, due to the concentration of direct lighting, it is best to avoid mirrors and glass products in the vicinity of the reading position to avoid discomfort caused by reflections.

Advantages of floor lamps

Easy to move: floor lamps are not like some mainstream classes such as chandeliers or ceiling lamps, they are installed in the roof fixed dead, a little can not move. Floor lamps are very convenient in comparison, as long as the wire is long enough, where you want to put it. And very light and even children can take casual movement, especially in the living room and bedroom, you want to put the living room can also be put in the bedroom can also be.

Maintenance is more convenient: floor lamp maintenance is very convenient, especially the iron floor lamp, but the maintenance of rattan floor lamp is relatively difficult, think about those large mainstream lamps and lanterns it, in the maintenance of the time is certainly worried about a lot of people ah, to climb so high place for disassembly, cleaning and re-installation, time-consuming and laborious. Look at our floor lamp, the structure is simple, we can clean the house when we clean it very aspect of cleaning. If you really encounter a problem, a person a screwdriver will be able to easily handle.

Energy saving: in fact, for energy saving aspect it, the main or depends on the light source used, if it is with incandescent bulbs, then save electricity is not saved there, but compared to other lighting, floor lamp light source is less, plus now are more led lights to do light source, so floor lamps to save a lot of electricity than other lighting, electricity is the most common in every family Expenses, but can save is save ah. Those large lamps and lanterns as long as they are open is a few hundred watts of power. The power of the floor lamp is so insignificant, there is only one light source, the maximum power consumption is also a few dozen watts, is one tenth of the large lamps and lanterns, the most suitable for ordinary families.

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