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Natural materials bamboo and rattan lamps are very popular in bohemian interiors, they are a showcase of the authenticity aspect of plant fibers such as wicker, bamboo or rattan. Lighting with beautiful bamboo and rattan lamps is a very fashionable interior decoration.

Professional bamboo and rattan lighting customization, both to meet the interior decoration, but also need to have certain requirements to do, such as some rattan chandeliers, bamboo table lamps, bamboo and rattan floor lamps, all need to do and rules to make according to the requirements, the following is to tell you in the custom bamboo and rattan lighting need to pay attention to the problem.

Professional bamboo and rattan lighting customization

1. First of all, for the professional bamboo and rattan lamps and lanterns custom, the first important point is its appearance. Some people also think that a practicality of the lamps and lanterns is also very important. In fact, the more coordinated the design of the shape and the use of the decorative space style, the better, and the size of a bamboo rattan lamps and lanterns also have important factors.

2, Secondly, for custom bamboo and rattan material lamps, the materials used is also a key step. Our bamboo and rattan use are naturally grown plants. Renewable materials that come from nature and can regenerate at the same rate. By using fast-growing renewable materials like bamboo in this product, we avoid using limited materials. Simply wipe the fixture with a dust cloth using clear lacquer. Sustainability and environment.

3, the last point is to look at the shape of bamboo and rattan material lamps and lanterns. Many custom bamboo and rattan material lamps and lanterns are unique, because they are each hand-woven, is a lamp is also a display of art.

Exquisite bamboo and rattan lamps are a perfect choice for lighting. XINSANXING offers a wide range of bamboo and rattan lamps at low prices. They are all hand-woven, thus offering unique possibilities! We are the makers of these bamboo lamps, and with these beautiful natural materials, anything can be done! Feel free to choose us for custom bamboo and rattan material lamps.

Post time: Jul-02-2022