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There are all kinds of problems that you will encounter in your daily study and work, such as a broken desk lamp that needs to be repaired. So how to do it? The following I share with you the specific steps and methods.

First we have to check the reason why the desk lamp does not light up.

In its most basic form, a table lamp is a simple circuit consisting of a light bulb, a socket, a conductive wire, a power plug and a lampshade.

If you turn on the lamp and it does not light up or anything else is out of the ordinary, there is a good chance that it needs to be repaired. The most likely problem is that the bulb is not energized. Or the bulb is burned out. It's also possible that the lamp holder is damaged and won't complete the connection of the bulb . If the lamp appears to be intact, the problem may be a damaged power cord or a faulty plug.

Bulb burnout causes

In the case that the lamp does not light up, please make sure that the bulb is not burned out. You can try to install another new bulb in the lamp. If the lamp still does not light up, it may be the fault of the power socket.

Power outlet cause

Verify that the power outlet being used has power. Plug in a different device, such as your other desk lamp, and see how it responds. If it still doesn't respond to anything, it is recommended to have the power outlet repaired. 

Cause of table lamp cord switch

If the bulb and power socket are intact, continue to use the power cord. Check it for any damage. If there are problems found to exist, you need to disassemble the lamp, remove the socket, remove the old cord and plug, prepare a new cord, install a new socket, put in a new plug , replace the bulb and lampshade.

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Post time: Mar-15-2022