What styles of rattan lamps are suitable for sale in Northern Europe?

In the Nordic region, rattan lights are a very popular decoration. Here are some rattan lamp styles that are suitable for the Nordic hot sale:

Rattan Chandelier

This style of rattan lamp usually has a round or oval shape and is made of fine rattan. They are usually hung in the center of the living room, creating soft light and a natural atmosphere. In addition, there are also some rattan chandeliers with unique designs, which cover the lamps in the form of lampshades, giving people an abstract and modern feeling. 

Rattan Table Lamp

 The rattan table lamp is perfect for a desk, bedside table or side table to add a natural ambiance to a room. These table lamps usually feature a simple design, such as a round or square lampshade, with a stable lamp base, providing warm style while lighting.

Rattan floor lamp

This rattan lamp usually has a unique shape and height, which can be used as a unique decoration. The rattan material allows light to shine through the gaps in the lampshade, forming beautiful light and shadow effects and creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Rattan wall lamp

Rattan wall lamp is a very common lamp, which is usually installed on the wall, and it also plays the role of decorating the wall while providing lighting. These wall sconces can be paired with different rattan shapes, such as rattan arranged in a flower shape or other patterns, to create a chic and fun effect. 

Rattan Hanging Lamp

This rattan lamp is suitable for hanging in dining room, living room or balcony and other spaces. They usually consist of multiple rattan shades suspended from one or more wires for a simple and modern look. This design not only provides lighting, but also can become the focal point of the space, adding a unique sense of art. These styles of rattan lights can add a natural, warm and comfortable atmosphere to the Nordic-style space, which is in line with the Nordic livable design concept. By using rattan lights, you can bring a unique and stylish decorative effect to your space.

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Post time: Aug-31-2023