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XINSANXING Lighting Factory, founded in 2007, we focus on the design of simple and fashionable, creative personality, high-quality decorative lighting products. With its quality and service,we has won the trust and love of many consumers. In order to keep up with the trend of the times, XINSANXING Lighting Company has created a number of diversified natural materials lamps and lanterns to meet more needs of consumers. We have the current industry advanced production equipment and technology, from raw material processing, production, XINSANXING have strong strength and rich operating experience.Customers' needs vary in style, but we always keep our original intention of making natural bamboo,rattan lamps. We have a team of domestic and foreign design elite, know the aesthetic preferences of consumers and psychological changes, especially creative and practical design. This is the style favored by most consumers.Welcome friends wholesale group purchase, to the picture to sample custom-made, wholesale prices is very favorable! Sincerely invite dealers and decoration companies around the world to cooperate!

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