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XINSANXING Lighting Factory, specializing in the production and processing of bamboo lamps and lanterns, rattan lamps and lanterns and other indoor lighting fixtures, we have a superb fighting team, advocating staff to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, adhere to the goal, persistent pursuit, passionate about the cause, and constantly challenge themselves, achieve self, and surpass themselves. We insist on advancing with the times, use for innovation, market-oriented, absorb new knowledge and experience in products, services and management, good at exploring new paths, creating and grasping opportunities, growing and improving, so that the enterprise has the vitality of living, our company insists on customer-oriented, tailor-made high-standard products for customers, and improve the efficiency and quality of service. We specialize in undertaking hotels, shopping malls, courtyards, villas, clubs and other non-standard project lighting customization, wholesale! Welcome friends wholesale group purchase, to the picture to sample custom-made, wholesale prices from the benefit!

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